Department of Forestry and wildlife

Dr. Nankaya
Dr. Jedidah Nankaya

Chairperson of department

The Department’s Vision: To be a department of high academic and professional achievement in teaching, research, consultancy and community service in sustainable utilization of natural resources and sustainable development. 

The Department’s Mission:  To provide adequate knowledge, attitudes through teaching, research, and tourism in order to sustainably utilize the rich wildlife and forest resources.

The department train students in the sustainable management of flora and fauna resources of the forest with a view to making them available in perpetuity. We  prepare students for success in careers focused on sustainable forestry, forest products and wildlife resources.

Our programmes are mounted through blended learning, laboratory practicals, and field demonstration. Hands-on active learning is at the foundation of our rigorous curriculum  which enables students to build a strong knowledge base and gain the practical and technical skills necessary to design a balanced and sustainable future in wildlife and forest management under changing climate. 

The department has well articulated courses and curriculum that lead to the award of Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Resource Management, Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Forest Management, Diploma in Tourism & Wildlife Management and Certificate in Tourism & Wildlife Management. 

We are endowed with well-trained and experienced academic, technical and administrative staff members, who have a deep commitment to teaching , research, training , and inspiring students to learn, and acquire skills and knowledge and consequently, develop an experience that will make them outstanding in practicing sustainable management of natural resources.

Our graduates go on to self-employment or  work in a variety of careers in wildlife well-being from government, research to conservation research and implementation.

We encourage you to consider enrolling in any of our academic programs or recommending them to your loved ones and friends. 

Academic programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Forest Management

Diploma Programmes

Certificate  Programmes

  • Diploma in Tourism & Wildlife Management
  • Certificate in Tourism & Wildlife Management

Dr. Jedidah Nankaya

Lecturer, COD- Forestry and Wildlife Management

Mr. Olewe Brian Waswala

Tutorial Fellow

Dr. Paul W. Webala

Snr. Lecturer

Mr. Evance Ouya

Graduate Assistant


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