Centres and Directorates

Maasai Mara University Directorates offices play a key role depending on area of concerned office. The role of offices are a smooth work in the university.

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Anil Kumar


The Centre of Information Communication Technology & E-learning cuts across all the University Departments and sections and seeks to address the issues of emerging technologies prioritizing on modernizing the university’s ICT infrastructure and services that support administrative, teaching, learning and research activities. 

Prof. Romulus Abila


The Directorate was formally established in September 2014. The Directorate performs its strategic functions through the Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) in collaboration with the Schools offering graduate programmes.

Prof. Justus Simiyu


Research and innovation needs have continuously been on the rise to curb emerging global challenges, prevent potential ones and guide governance. Recent global challenges such as covid-19 pandemic and climate changes have revoked the need for scientific-driven policies and practice in societies. 

Dr. Kennedy Karani Onyiko


The Directorate of Quality Assurance and Performance Contract came into existence in September, 2021 as a result of merging two directorates; Directorate of Quality Assurance and Directorate Performance Contracting & Quality Management Systems.

Mr. Ben Reson

This Directorate is mandated to enhance our corporate image and brand through programmed communication. Additionally, we pursue strategic linkages and collaborations with industry, local and international universities, research institutes, international organizations and the community for the advancement.

Dr. Daniel Munke Nchorira Naikuni


The Directorate of Endowment Fund was established by a resolution of the MMARAU Council. The Directorate envisions collaborations and partnerships with individuals, businesses institutions and corporations to support activities that will continuously increase income-generating projects to supplement the limited government funding.

Dr. Sammy Mutisya


The Directorate has continued to create Gender and Equity awareness among staff and students through workshops, seminars, and international symposiums. The issues discussed during these engagements have always emphasized the critical mass of knowledge that can be gained through transformational leadership styles by all genders.

“Maasai Mara University is a public university which is the only university in Narok County”

“We have a wide range of academic programmes spread across the Schools of Education, Science, Information Science, Business & Economics, Arts & Social Sciences, and Tourism & Natural Resources."

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