Research Facilities and Equipments

The University has several research facilities that are housed in four modern research laboratories. The University also has a botanical garden to nurture indigenous plant species with medicinal value. One of the labs is specifically dedicated to extraction, storage and analysis of medicinal extracts. The lab has several extraction, analysis and storage equipment. Some of the other ultra-modern scientific equipment include but are not limited to;

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • Ultra-Violet Visible Light Spectrometer

  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

  • Gas Chromatography with a Flame Ionization Detector

  • Gas Chromatography with a Mass Spectrometer Detector

  • Michelson Interferometer

  • Joint Undertaking for an African Materials Institute


In the year 2022, the University has benefitted from research equipment received courtesy of the German International Development Agency (GIZ) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The equipment were received through Dr. Ing. Jared Ombiro on a returning expert program sponsored by the Centre for International Migration (CIM). The said equipment includes a Michelsens Interferometer worth 8336 euros (Ksh. 1,072,572). The equipment was presented by Ms. Cynthia Kamau – the coordinator of programmes, migration and diaspora (BMD Kenya) at the GIZ Centre for International Migration in Nairobi, Kenya. Through the same funder the university received IT (laptop, Projector and printer) equipment to assist the faculty members in teaching any presentation

The equipment will go a long way in training students in the areas of lasers and photonics. This support is a great milestone in modernizing the University science laboratories. We look forward to more cooperation and donations from our partners. Through the same researcher (Dr. Ing. Jared Ombiro), the above partners also received IT equipment i.e. laptops, a projector and a printer worth 2112 euros (Ksh. 271,745) to assist researchers. The University sincerely appreciates all the funders and Dr. Ing Jared Ombiro for securing this equipment.

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