Dean of students

Mr. Adan

Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Adan

B.Ed (KU), MPhil (Moi), IHRM

Dean of Students


The office of the Dean of Students is under the guidance of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs, situated at the main Campus. It is primarily concerned with students’ welfare from the time they enter University until they graduate. It also coordinates all the activities that affect Students Welfare,  Such as Student Mentorship, Guidance and counseling, Spiritual welfare, Catering and Accommodation, Clubs and societies, and Sports. It also works in liaison with the Health unit for health concerns of the students and acts as the link between university Administration and the students, in addition, it handles all matters related to Maasai Mara University  Students’ Association (MMUSA), Wardenship, Student Conduct and Discipline.

Guidance and Counseling

This unit promotes and facilitates Students’ personality, social and intellectual development. This assists us to bring up a holistic person in a student who is responsible, accountable and of good character in his/her undertakings. Counsellors liaise with those who closely interact with the affected students including parents, teaching staff and medical doctors in assisting them to manage and address their concerns. This unit also trains peers counsellors and involve them in dealing with HIV/AIDS scourge and Drugs/Substance Abuse.

Games and Sports

This section strives to promote physical and mental fitness of students at the university. The students participate in both indoor and outdoor activities, which include scrabble, monopoly, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, rugby, hockey, Handball, Bad Minton and soccer among others. 


This unit provides spiritual counselling, conduct religious ceremonies e.g. baptisms, burials, weddings. It also organizes seminars and workshops and coordinates religious activities around campus. There is an acting chaplain for both catholic and protestant and the unit facilitates for the spiritual needs of the Muslim students.

Clubs and Societies

The office of the Dean of students advises on modalities of formation of clubs. It also registers clubs to allow them to function within the university. Students are encouraged to join the various clubs or to form new ones in the event that they can cater to both their academic and social welfare. Currently, the registered clubs and societies fall under the following categories: academic, religious, recreational, Contemporary and environmental.

Students Mentorship

Mentorship of students is one of the key areas that Maasai Mara University wishes to excel in, to prepare students both academically and socially for the competitive job market.  Maasai Mara University Student mentoring program links first-year students (Mentees) with a Mentor who is a Lecturer willing to coach, share knowledge and experience. Transition to University is a challenging experience hence, new students benefit from the assistance of more experienced individuals and Mentors who have the gratification of helping students in acquiring multiple skills for themselves.

Students Benevolence

When a student passes on the Dean’s office organizes for students to attend the funeral and also send staff to represent the University Administration.

Work-Study Programme

Application Form 2024 

The Dean of Students Office identifies needy students and places them in various departments of the University to work and earn some income mainly for upkeep. This goes a long way in making students from less privileged backgrounds earn some income as they serve the University as well.


Dean of Students Forms 


Office of Dean of Students Staff Members

Dr. Sr. Alice Sambu

Ag. Deputy Dean of Students

Mr. Masago Ole Morompi

Ag. Asst. Dean of Students

Susan Kimweli

Senior Admin. Asst.

Mr. Mwaniki Kabue

Games Tutor 

Dr. Mwaura 

Ag. Student Counsellor

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