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Prof. J. S. Chacha
Acting Vice Chancellor.

Welcome to Maasai Mara University, a public University situated 150km the Southwest of Nairobi route to the great Maasai Mara Game Reserve. The vision of the University is to be a World-Class University committed to academic excellence for development. Our Mission is to provide Quality University education through innovative teaching, research, and consultancy services for development. Read More

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School Of Natural Resources, Tourism And Hospitality

With more than 2M international tourist arrivals, over 1.5 billion US Estimated tourism receipts, and almost 4M domestic bed nights, it’s clear that the tourism industry in Kenya is thriving and the future of the sector is bright.

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School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Industries

The School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Industries was started in September 2011, the School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Industries is one of the most versatile schools in Maasai Mara University.


School Of Pure, Applied And Health Sciences

The school of science has more than thirty-two (32) teaching staff and a student population of over six hundred students (600). The school members of staff are involved in teaching and research in various areas.


School Of Education

The School of Education is one of the largest Schools in Maasai Mara University. Its main objective is to produce graduands who provide essential services to the nation and the world anchored in the Education Pillar of Vision 2030.


School Of Business And Economics

The School of Business and Economics was initially established as the School of Human Resource Development, Business, and Economics in May 2007, but adopted the current name in September 2011 following a reorganization of Schools intended to improve efficiency


Center For ICT And E-Learning

The Centre of Information Communication Technology & E-learning cuts across all the University Departments and sections and seeks to address the issues of emerging technologies prioritizing modernizing the university’s ICT infrastructure and services that support administrative, teaching, learning, and research activities.

Latest Development

University faculty has been involved in various research activities and projects.
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In collaboration with Prof. Sarah Gergel and Sammy Al-Khalifa, Maasai Mara University researchers Prof Romulus Abila, Dr. Samson Mabwoga and Raphael Simo are using in situ and satellite image based techniques to track Spatio temporal changes in waterquality in water pans in arid and semi arid Narok landscapes. Findings from this study will be presented during the 2023 International Association of Landscape Ecology Conference o be held in Nairobi in July 2023 (, ). Prof. Erica Smithwick will visit and present a workshop at Maasai Mara University 16 th – 20 th July 2023. Read More

The Directorate of Public Relations and Linkages represented by Mr. Ben Reson (Director) and Mr. Amos Mwendwa, attended the Indian Business Delegation of African Continent organized by Crescendo Worldwide, India & Service Export Promotion under the Guidance by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India at the Nairobi Serena Hotel on the 31st January 2023. Read More

Kelvin Mutava’s Role to a UNDP Student Ambassador

Kelvin Mutava  is  a student  leader, Chairperson of Maasai Mara University Students Association (MMUSA). He has a passion for leadership and spends most of his time outside classes pursuing initiatives that promotes and enhances this interest. Mutava is thriving in pursuit of his leadership dreams and enjoys creation of bridges between realms, making new connections, harnessing peace and giving young people hope, inspiration and mentorship.

Mutava has grown, not only within the University but as a global citizen and a leader. This success, he attributes to an opportunity offered to him by the MMUSA family. Having realised his potential as a leader, his journey has been on an ascending trajectory.

One key milestone is manifested in his membership of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Kenya Youth Sounding Board comprising of various youth leaders across Kenya. “I have been serving in the Board as a representative of all the University students in Kenya. I represent the Academia in this Board,” Mutava.

The UNDP Student Ambassador Initiative was a six months programme from 15th February 2022 to July 2022. Students from Norway, Switzerland, Jordan and Kenya had a rare opportunity and privilege to champion for the UNDP agenda in the University context. “I was privileged to represent not only my University but also my country Kenya,” Mutava said.

The programme also championed for other global and local development agenda such as:

Sustainable development goals (SDGs), The vision 2030 agenda, Vision 2063 Africa Blueprint, The United Nations Youth Strategy, “Youth 2030”, People living with disabilities inclusion in the UNDP, Youth decision making in the environment, and youth climate action.

Mutava is a proud recipient of a certificate of appreciation from UNDP. His advice is, “This University is big and full of opportunities. Being a student and a leader has helped me navigate not only within the University but also to find various opportunities and resources”.

The agricultural sector is a leading driver of ecosystem degradation, health externalities, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Agriculture also provides positive benefits such as food for humans, feed for animals, fibres, raw materials, employment and cultural cohesion. Many of the negative and positive impacts are economically invisible, hence unaccounted for in public and private decision-making.

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Events and Activities


TOP TALENT EVENT The visitors ; Hon. Tamalinye Koech (the Deputy Governor, Narok County Government), Ms. Isabel Donaddo (the Owner and Founder Top Talent Agency), Ambassador Dominic Obadiah (the Chief Executive Officer, Civility Tours and Travel), Mr. Amos Kipeen (the

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