Prof. Benard Kodak BEd, MA (Egerton), PhD (Maseno)

School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Industries

The School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Industries was started in September 2011, the School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Industries is one of the most versatile schools in Maasai Mara University. Development. Currently, the School offers Undergraduate Programmes in the following disciplines: Bachelor of Arts in Language and Communication, Literature, Theatre and Film, Kiswahili and Journalism, Communication and Journalism, Communication and Public Relations, Social Work, Community Development, Political Science and Public Administration, Criminology and Penology, Cultural Studies and Sociology. The School also offers Masters Programmes in Linguistics, Kiswahili, Religious Studies, History, Public Policy, and Analysis and Sociology. The school offers Ph.D. programmes in related fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition, we offer a number of Diploma and Certificate Programmes in various disciplines such as Criminology, Social Work, and Public Administration. The School launched new programmes in County Governance, Land Use Assessment and Mapping, and Penology. The purpose of these programmes is to impart knowledge and practical skills to our students for sustainable development.

Prof. Benard Kodak

Dean – School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Industries


The School has three departments: the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture, Department of Communication, Media and Film and the Department of Social Studies, Religion and Community Development

The department has two masters programms, that is, Master of Social Work (MSW) and M.A in Sociology, preparing you to lead with compassion and address complex societal challenges. 

The Department was split from the former Languages, Linguistics, Communication and Journalism Department and established in 2016 and hosts two programs in Journalism … 

The department also services the School of Education by teaching the English, Literature, Kiswahili and French subjects. French is also offered to students in the School of Tourism and Hospitality…

The Department is home to  Political Science, Public Administration,  Religion, Philosophy, and History. These programs lead to both undergraduate and Graduate Masters Degrees. Delivering these programs is a team of qualified and competent teaching ….

The school offers Doctorate, Master, Undergraduate, Diploma, and Certificate programmes in all the three departments 

The school faculty members are distinguished in their academic studies and recognized for their teaching skills ….


Events and Activities


PeDal Training Courses

Director of ICT and E-Learning offers free online contents development training courses from 4th May 2022.


Training ERP

Training for Academic and Non Academic Staff training coming soon.


Academic School Seminar

The School of Applied and Pure Sciences is going to organise seminar in coming days

Maasai mara university alumni

Our alumni putting all their skills earned at Maasai Mara University to good use 

Leopold Obi

Communication & Journalism, Class of 2013


“Let me salute the university administration, dons and all other individual whose contributions added to this day’s success.  

With full belief in Larry Winget wise words that “Knowledge is not power but rather its implementation”, dare to challenge yourself- now that you have all that is needed- to put your hard earned knowledge into good use, both for your personal growth and for the development of those around you.”


Namkuru Ebby

BEd (Arts) (First class Honours), 2015


“As much as your achievements here are impressive, this success has not been realized solely by you. You have had the great support of your parents and other family members, your friends, the ever supportive Maasai Mara University faculty, staff and other students..”

Sophia Nkatha

Communication & Public Relations, class of 2016


“I began my leadership journey in Maasai Mara University as a student leader. I sincerely thank my wonderful mentors especially Prof. Tabitha Sewe and Dr. Denis Ikachoi. Even if your efforts seem small, recognize that small steps will sum up to great accomplishments. Indeed the journey has not been a walk in the park. Never give up, as you will fail many times. ”


Bachelor, Masters and PhD

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