Welcome to the Legal Department

"Dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support and services to all members of the University community. Our mission is to protect the University’s legal interests, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and support the University’s mission and vision through effective legal counsel."

Services Offered

The Legal Department offers a wide range of services to various University stakeholders,
including the University Council, Senate, University Management Board, Students' Council,
staff, and students:


To support the University fraternity, the Legal Department offers the following resources:

Meet Our Team

Chief Legal Officer

CPM. Mercylene Njoroge

Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Alfred Nyabochwa

Deputy Chief Legal Officer

Legal Clerk

Ms. Susan Irungu

Legal Clerk

Contact Us

We encourage all University stakeholders to reach out to the Legal Department with any legal concerns or inquiries. Our team is here to support you and ensure that legal issues are managed effectively and efficiently.
Tel: 0205131400

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