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Mr. Loltianya.
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Maasai Mara University Finance Department

i) Our purpose

The purpose of the Finance Department is to design, safeguard and implement sound financial management systems aimed at efficient and effective management of University resources. This is achieved through financial planning and management activities, including budgeting and forecasting, reporting and compliance, and creation of value.

 ii) Our Vision 

To be a leading financial service provider offering the highest level of services to the University stakeholders consistent with University strategic plan, University overall objectives and Public Finance Management Act 2012 and other applicable laws, circulars and regulations

iii) Our Mission

To generate and implement financial management functions of the University that provide leadership in the areas of optimal resource generation, effective and efficient resources utilization, reliable and timely financial services through maximization of the use of innovative products and systems for achievement of overall University’s strategic plan.

iv) Our Core Values

In order to realize the above vision and mission the department inculcates the following core values:

  • Integrity, honesty and professionalism.

  • Teamwork and meritocracy.

  • Uphold professional ethics.

  • Be creative and innovative.

  • Ensure openness and transparency in all its dealings and operations.

  • Respect and equity in service delivery.

v) Our structure:

The Finance Department is headed by the Chief Finance Officer who is deputized by two Deputy Finance Officers responsible for Management Accounting services and Financial Accounting services. There are Accountants who head various sections/ functions namely: Students Finance, Accounts Payable, Imprest management, Budget control, Compliance and Bank Reconciliations. In addition, there are three Accounts Assistants who link finance to the Academic division by providing accounting services to the Schools.

vi) Our main functions:

The main functions of the Finance Department are which are discharged guided by the Financial Management Procedure manual are:

  • Financial planning, budgeting and budgetary control,

  • Revenue collection, accounting and control,

  • Payments processes,

  • Imprest management,

  • Financial reporting,

  • Investment and treasury management,

  • Fixed assets management

  • Accounting for grants and donations and

  • Management of external audits

The University is a reservoir of the African culture and indigenous knowledge with the obligation of championing social, political and economic changes in the region. The University focuses on innovative teaching based on research with global collaborations with industries and other institutes. The University has specialized in the following disciplines: Business, computing, ICT, education, psychology, tourism, environmental sciences, and health sciences and research. The University encourages interaction between researchers and the local community. It has already implemented outreach activities that support Sustainable Development. Through research and outreach programmes, the University supports the economic, educational, social and cultural development of the community and the nation at large. The University has greatly contributed to the conservation of natural resources through collaboration with Narok County Government and other stakeholders in Environmental Conversation.


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