Training, Research and Grants

University faculty has been involved in various activities and projects.

Wood Scientist

Involved in intensive research pilot study of developing industrial Hemp wood substitutes such as Hemp particle Boards, Hemp MDF boards and Hemp hard wood.

Involved in the study of bamboo hard wood which he has identified can be combined seamlessly with the Hemp Hurds.

High lighting industrial Hemp’s potential:

  1. Environmental rejuvenation
  2. Significant input into Kenya achieving its 10% minimum forest cover target
  3. Hemp Charcoal briquettes

Industrial Hemp Kenya Virtual Symposium 2022

The Mara river basin (MRB) in Kenya’s rift valley is currently undergoing rapid social, economic and ecological changes driven by rapidly changing demographic, climate and land use. These changes are likely to alter ecological dynamics of biota, soil and water quality in this landscape with concomitant changes on long term sustainability of this fragile arid and semi-arid (ASAL) landscape and its ability to provide ecosystem services and livelihood sources.

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We propose to develop a measure of character for Kenyan youth who live and are educated in a range of contexts, including rural schools, urban schools, and children who are homeless (i.e. “street children”). Our goal is to move beyond the often superficial acknowledgement of context in developmental science, which typically amounts to exploring mean differences using measures created and normed in western cultures.

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The agricultural sector is a leading driver of ecosystem degradation, health externalities, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Agriculture also provides positive benefits such as food for humans, feed for animals, fibres, raw materials, employment and cultural cohesion. Many of the negative and positive impacts are economically invisible, hence unaccounted for in public and private decision-making.

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To undertake an analysis of environmental and agricultural change hotspots in western Kenya for decision-making and climate change policies.

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