Dr. Vimal Shah

Welcome to Maasai Mara University. The core purpose of a University is learning, and at its best, a University is a community of learners. To learn is to be changed and the deeper and more profound is the learning, the more significant is the change. Our website will, we hope, give you a flavor of what makes our University special, in terms of our Academic expertise.

Dr. Kennedy Ole Kerei

BEd (Moi), MEd (Maseno), PhD (CUEA)

Welcome to Maasai Mara University. Our motto is “eng’eno e puuan” which is Maasai for “knowledge is prosperity”. We are guided by our core values of excellence, professionalism, teamwork, creativity & innovativeness, transparency & accountability, equity, and social justice.

Prof. Peninah Aloo Obudho

Welcome to Maasai Mara University, a public University situated 150kmin the South West of Nairobi en route to the great Maasai Mara Game Reserve.The vision of the University is to be a World-Class University committed to academic excellence for development. 

Prof. Bulitia Godrick Mathews

BEd, MBA (UoN), PhD (Maseno), MIHRM

Maasai Mara University is a Fully Chartered University in Narok County, Kenya. It neighbors the World famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve and the Mau Water Towers and is home to the culturally renowned Maasai people who represent the face of tourism in Kenya. Maasai Mara University (MMU) has a quality objective of offering high-quality teaching, research, community outreach, and consultancy.

Prof. James Nampushi

BTM (Moi), MSc, PhD (Clemson)

As the Division in charge of Administration, Finance, and Strategy, we re-affirm our commitment to sound financial and administrative policies, practices and strategies that will ensure the University achieves her mission and objectives.

PhD-Physics (JKUAT), M.Sc.-Physics (UoN), B.Sc.-Physics & Mathematics (KU)

Welcome to Maasai Mara University. The Department of the Registrar, Academic Affairs plays a critical role in the realization of the academic objectives of the University. 

Samuel. K. Partoip 

BEd, MSc (Moi), HND

The administration sub-division falls within the Administration, Finance and Planning division of the University. It is charged with the responsibility of policy implementation in support services.

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