Dr. Kamundia
Dr. Patrick Kamundia

Chairperson of department

The Department of Animal Health and Production is an exemplar learning center for animal health and production related courses in the Maasai Mara University. It has highly trained and experienced academic members of staff. The Department offers Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production and Diploma in Animal Health & Production. The Department utilizes the most recent pedagogical approaches to learning and prepares millennial learners for future challenges and the job market. 

The Department collaborates with national institutions such as the Kenya Veterinary Association, Kenya Veterinary Paraprofessional Association, Kenya Veterinary Board, Department of Veterinary Services, Kenya Wildlife Service and Animal Industry stakeholders. International collaboration involves partnership such as Brooke East Africa, World Animal Protection, Welttierschutzstiftung (WTS-Germany). Local collaborations include Farming System Kenya, Kenya Society for the Protection & Care of Animals, Cavarino Farm.

Academic programmes

Academic Programmes offered by the Department

  • Diploma in Animal Health & Production
  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Health & Production

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