Prof. Mburu
Prof. Francis Mburu
School of Natural Resources, Environmental Studies and Agriculture

Welcome to Maasai Mara University’s School of Natural Resources, Environmental Studies, and Agriculture. Discover a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs providing a holistic education with practical experiences. Our esteemed faculty engages in cutting-edge research, ensuring students receive current and relevant knowledge. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities, fostering hands-on learning in laboratories and research centers. Contribute to groundbreaking research initiatives addressing biodiversity, climate change, and soil conservation. Engage in community outreach programs, workshops, and partnerships, making a positive impact on environmental and agricultural challenges. Join our community committed to creating a sustainable future. For the latest information and admissions details, visit our [Admissions] or contact us at [Contact Information]. The SNRESA wishes to play its role in the development of talent in our country and beyond as we take the lead in the sector. 

Prof. Francis Mburu

Dean- School of Natural Resources, Environmental Studies and Agriculture

Departments, Academic Programmes & Faculty

Dr. Samson Mabwoga

COD, Environmental Studies, Geography and Planning

We take great pride in contributing to Kenya’s attainment of the Vision 2030 and SDGs through building human capital required for the transition to a knowledge-driven economy and wealth creation through reinvigorated graduate and post-graduate programmes. We endeavour to contribute to enhancing the Science-Policy interface through demand-driven applied research for sustainable community development, and rigorously training …..

Dr. Jedidah Nankaya

COD, Forestry and Wildlife Management

The Department has highly qualified and well experienced academic staff who have also involved in various types of research in the same area. The Department’s Vision is to be a department of high academic and professional achievement in teaching, research, consultancy and community service in sustainable utilization of natural resources and sustainable development. The Department has a Mission of providing adequate knowledge…..

Dr. Patrick Kamundia

COD, Animal Health and Production

.The Department of Animal Health and Production is an exemplar learning center for animal health and production related courses in the Maasai Mara University. It has highly trained and experienced academic members of staff. The Department offers Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production and Diploma in Animal Health & Production. The Department utilizes the most recent pedagogical…..

Dr. Maurice Omollo

COD, Agriculture

The department offers comprehensive academic programs, emphasizing practical experiences and modern technologies to prepare students for the dynamic agricultural sector. Faculty members are actively engaged in cutting-edge research across various agricultural disciplines, contributing to …..

The School offers Diploma in Tourism and Wildlife Management, Bachelor of Hotels and Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Tourism Management, and Bachelor of Parks, Recreation and Leisure Management. Additionally, the School is in the process of developing two Master’s programs:… 

The School has well qualifies and Highly experienced faculty members.

Our Alumni


Evance Ouya

BSc. Wildlife Management, Class of 2017


It is my network that is every day increasing my net worth. When I graduated last year I thought I was learned, but I later realized I had to remain a learner to be competitive.
Through mentorship (By Dr. P.Webala) I am today running a project in the botanical garden “Establishment of a tree nursery for environmental education and community awareness at selected degraded sites in Narok County, Kenya” funded by the Rufford Foundation.


Sheila Jebet

Bachelor of Education Arts with Special Needs (Hearing impairment), Class of 2017


A word of appreciation to the amazing Maasai Mara University and as a proud alumni, I am grateful to be associated with Maasai Mara University. To the university’s management, the brilliant amazing lecturers and the university at large, a lot of appreciation to you too. I want to encourage you to be the bold type, unleash your diverse potential and take a leap and make a splash out there because you are extraordinary.


Ouma Anzelimo

BA Economics, Class of 2015


I appreciate the strengthening grace of God that has worked through your relentless efforts to attain this great achievement. Maasai Mara University, a centre of academic, social-economic and spiritual excellence has inculcated in us relevant skills essential to succeed in the working world.One of the greatest gains is a world view with values that transcends tribal, ethnic and religious lines. This you must guard and raise yourself to serve our nation and the community of nations.

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