Health Division

Dr. Serem

Dr. Cleophas Serem

MD (Vitebsk, USSR)

Ag. Head Health Services Department

The University Health Services Department is one of the Departments under the Administration and Finance division of the university. The Health facility is registered as “Maasai Mara University Health Centre” with the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, affiliate sections (Pharmacy and Laboratory) registered with relevant Boards.
Its main function is to provide quality health care through curative, preventive, supportive and psychological care to students’ fraternity, staff and their dependents, disciplined forces and civil servants through National Hospital Insurance Fund policy as an income-generating facility.
At the MMARAU Health Center, we strive to meet all the University communities medical needs. We enjoy the experience of well-staffed medical personnel. As a body of certified professionals, we strive to live up to our professional code of conduct. We treat all the patient’s information with the utmost confidentiality. We are therefore glad to use this forum to invite all students and staff with any medical needs to visit our premises next to the University’s main Security Office.

The Clinics Working Hours

The University Clinic is always open twenty-four (24hrs) a day on all the days for the week. Our doctors and nurses are always ready to handle most of the  medical emergency cases for students and staff. 
We have different doctors on shifts both day and night. The University Clinic also owns an Ambulance that makes it able to attend to all the medical cases with the  at most swiftness.

The University Pharmacy & Laboratory

To be able to attend to all the University community’s medical needs effectively, the University Clinic has a well-stocked pharmacy and medical laboratory with enough staff working on shifts to ensure that all the drugs and laboratory check-ups prescribed by the doctors are served to all the patients. Both students and staff are encouraged to take the prescribed drugs from the University Pharmacy.

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