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  • His Excellency Hon. William Samoei Ruto, EGH, EBS Deputy President of The Republic of Kenya during 5th Graduation Ceremony 2017

  • His Excellency Hon. William Samoei Ruto, EGH, EBS Deputy President of The Republic of Kenya during tree plantation.

  • His Excellency Hon. William Samoei Ruto, EGH, EBS Deputy President of The Republic of Kenya with Vice Chancellor Prof. Mary Walingo and Governor Norak County.

  • Graduates 2017 during graduation ceremony,

  • Graduates 2016 during graduation ceremony,

  • Graduates 2017 during graduation ceremony,

  • Partnership with University of Munster

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Maasai Mara University Conference 2018

Maasai Mara University Conference coming soon in May 2018. For more detals email to

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The purpose of Maasai Mara University Privately Sponsored Students Programmers.

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Each Lecturer Jan-April 2018 Semester Teaching Timetable

Teaching Timetable(Each Program)

Each Program Jan-April 2018 Semester Teaching Timetable

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Outstanding fees till September - December 2017

Notice to all Continuing students about fees payment.

Fee Payment

This is to notify students that full fees for the January - April 2018 semester should be paid before or on the reporting date.

Students whose Biometrics (Fingerprints) are Missing in the ERP System

Please check the list of those Students whose Biometrics (Fingerprints) are Missing in the ERP System. Students in this list need to visit the ICT during the following dates. Read the Memo

Administration of Continuous Assessment Tests

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Download Admission Letters

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Students Attachment Logbook

Students on attachment can download their Attachment Logbook, Attachment Guidelines, Report Guidelines etc.

Registration for The January - April 2018 Semester.

Online registration is ongoing and will end on 29th January 2018.

Partnership with University of Munster 

A team of Maasai Mara University drawn from the School of Business and Economics and the Directorate of Linkages and Collaborations with partners from the University of Munster in Germany, led by Prof. Joerg Baetge. Gracing the meeting was the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics and Student Affairs Prof. Obere. The meeting is part of implementation of an MoU signed between the School of Business and Economics of MMU and School of Business of University of Munster.

Prof. Joerg offered to train the School of Business and Economics on a management model (OPEX). The School of Business however embraced this model.

MMU appreciates the good gesture from Prof. Joerg to donate the model to the School of Business. This is a great tool for effective teaching of Business Students.

The two Universities will benefit from collaboration and faculty exchange programmes, joint research programmes and cultural exchanges for students.

MMU Wildlife and Environmental Club (MMUWEC)

Maasai Mara University wildlife and environmental club was formed under the Maasai Mara University clubs and societies Act. It was officially established on the 21st October 2013 as a successor of the former Narok University Wildlife and Environmental club (NUWEC) which was established in 2009. The club is also registered under the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK).

The clubs core mandate since its establishment has being to sensitize the members on the importance of conservation to the wildlife and the environment at large.

Read more about (MMUWEC)

Opening of the first phase of new tuition block.

University Chancellor, Chairman Council, Vice Chancellor, Council Members and Academic Staff members during the opening of the first phase of new tuition block.

Vice Chancellor and other management members addressing the issues of academic staff members.

This is one of the part of university and staff development activities. University management interact face to face with the university staff members and students to solve their common issues. 

University development

 Launch of the Tuition Block Site

The groundbreaking ceremony for the proposed Modern Tuition Block for MMU which was launched by Prof. Phillip G. Ngunjiri with Member of the MMU Council led by Prof. J.J. Okumu – Chair MMU Council, Dr. T. Mungai, Dr. E. Chesire and the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mary Walingo on February 3rd 2016.

Modern Tuition Block

The modern tuition block comprises of lecture theaters, lecture halls, offices seminar rooms and boardrooms. This tuition has a capacity of holding more 6000 students per sitting which will greatly increase the number of students enrolled at MMU.

Construction of the First Phase has already started. This is also a Ministry of Education Science and Technology Project under the state Department of Higher Education.

Sewage Water Treatment Project

Maasai Mara University is situated in a water scarce environment and hence the need for innovative ways of water conservation. The university population has experienced an exponential growth since its inception, which has increased the demand for water to unsustainable levels.

To mitigate this problem, the University through support by SAJOREC has established an innovation that is based on green technology where waste water is being treated and recycled. The recycled water will be used to irrigate the Botanical Garden conserving this meager resource.

The project has already revealed levels of success after undertaking an analysis of several parameters namely, the pH, TDS, conductivity, presence of heavy metals, DO and microbial loads. The results have shown that the water is safe for general purpose use. This project will go a long way in saving the University the limited financial resources and create a good neighborliness in terms of treatment of waste water. 

Women Hostel

Higher Education has remained inaccessible for many students in Kenya due to the inadequate infrastructure in most Universities. Limited bed capacity and lecture rooms have been cited as a big impediment to growth of higher education. Parents expectation from the University is that their children should be accommodate within the University. However, admission to a University is not pegged on bed capacity. That notwithstanding, Kenya government is assisting Universities to increase their enrolment through the exchequer by financing infrastructural development. 

Towards this end the government through the Ministry of Education Science and Technology has financed the construction of a women hostel. This project will translate into the University accommodating more than 850 female students within the University. The women hostel will be ready for occupation in the 2016/2017 academic years. This modern hostel has been designed with modern common rooms with WIFI connectivity.

SINO-AFRICA Joint Research Centre (SAJOREC) Project

Herbal medicine has been used for treatment of a wide range of human ailments in Kenya since time immemorial. Specifically, the Maasai community has a wealth of experience in herbal medicine that need to be researched, documented and a repository created. Herbal medicine has for a long time been administered without any form of quantification of their active ingredients. Medicinal plants are under threat of extinction and hence the need to conserve them for posterity.

Towards this end Maasai Mara University in collaboration with Sino-Africa Joint Research Centre (SAJOREC), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and Wuhan Botanical Garden (WBG) are establishing a Botanical Garden that will be a Regional Center of Excellence in herbal medicine. The work on the Botanical Garden is ongoing.  

The Botanical Garden that is shaped like the Human Body is an illustration of the various medicinal plants and the part of the body ailments targeted by the treatment. This project links Chinese Academy of Science and Wuhan Botanical Garden. The lead researchers are Prof. Liu Wang, Prof Xue Yau and Prof. Nathan Oyaro.

This project will train MMU Students and other scientists on how to conserve quantify, synthesize and administer herbal medicine.
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Alumni Association

The Vision of the Maasai Mara University Alumni Association is to be a model association that promotes transformational leadership, connects with the community and fosters the development and interaction between alumni, students and industry at both national and international levels.

The Mission of the Maasai Mara Alumni Association is to promote the welfare and Vision of the University through the use of talents and resources of its members, alumni and friends of the University committed to academic excellence for sustainable development and seeking international visibility in pursuit for quality teaching, research and community service.

Click to view MMU Alumni Association Draft Constitution and Recommendations for discussion with our alumni.

Center of innovations

A Search for Green Energy, Technology and Innovation Platforms: To set up a hub for excellence in research into; materials, Renewable energy, technology and innovations at the university in view of producing tangible products, alternative green Energies, guide, manage and improve on the use of the existing energy; train, Research in Frontier areas of Science and Technology, and producing consumable innovative energy products and ideas ready for implementation in view of reducing emissions and costs.

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