Mau Complex Commissioned to Enhance Research and Innovation

Research, Innovation, Teaching and learning space has been enhanced at Maasai Mara University following the completion and handing over of the second and the third phases of ultra-modern lecture theatres and auditoriums, dubbed the Mau Complex.

According to the Maasai Mara University Council Chairman Dr. Kennedy Ole Kerei who graced a ceremony to officially receive the building from the contractor, completion of the new study facility is an indicator of prudent allocation and utilization of public resources.

“This is a major investment. Of course when you invest, your purpose is to get maximum output at the end of a project,” Dr. Ole Kerei said.  

He also applauded the University Council Members, members of the University Management, contractors, consultants, and everyone who was involved in the construction and other processes of developing the building.

“We are happy to get the assurance that the building is safe against all hazards hence offering conducive teaching and learning space for our lecturers and students,” he said.

Dr. Ole Kerei further divulged that the entire University Council is confident to realize more projects and milestones as far as improving the quality of Higher Learning is concerned.

“We have really enjoyed working for Maasai Mara University for a short period. We encourage everyone to focus on the positive aspects of everything in this University,” he said.

The sentiments of the Council Chairman were backed up by the Ag. Vice Chancellor Professor Kitche Magak who assured teaching and research staff that the University was going to ensure they are allocated offices to improve collaborative research. He lauded the University Council and fellow members of University Management for prioritizing improvement of teaching and learning facilities.

“we will ensure that lecturers from all Academic Departments get ample working space for consultations and research endeavors,” Prof. Magak said.

Besides, Prof. Magak promised to work with the University Council in sourcing resources for the initiation and completion of remaining phases.   

Attending the ceremony also was the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration, Finance and Planning Dr. Jamesi Ole Nampushi who celebrated the artistic design of the building that embodies the Maasai homestead design commonly referred to as Manyatta.

“We always purpose to improve teaching and learning infrastructure for both the students and lecturers. This has given us an upper hand against other institutions of higher learning thus increased student enrolment,” said Dr. Ole Nampushi.      

Professor Bulitia Godrick Mathews is the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs. “As the users of this new facility, we are elated to receive it and promise to utilize the spaces for the intended purpose. The Deans of Schools are happier not only for being part of this auspicious event but also because their struggle with inadequate office space will be addressed,” Prof. Bulitia said.        

Mzalendo Kimeli Kemboi Amos

Corporate Affairs, Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Maasai Mara University

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