"Rooting for a Greener Tomorrow: Plant Today, Thrive Tomorrow!"


On the National Tree Planting Day, Maasai Mara University led by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Peninah Aloo-Obudho and Chairman of the Council Dr. Kennedy Ole Kerei, Council Members: Agnes Busienei and Dr. Susan Chebet joined other stake holders in planting trees at Chebita, Narok South at the Mau forest block 23 as a tribute to victims who lost lives as a result of the recent floods.

Maasai Mara University Vice - Chancellor planting a tree

As the sun filters through the canopy of the Mau Forest, the Vice-Chancellor of Maasai Mara University, surrounded by dedicated university staff, spearheads a profound act of environmental stewardship. With the donation of 3000 tree seedlings, Maasai Mara University reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and community engagement, nurturing not only trees but also a collective spirit of responsibility towards our planet's well-being.
Chair of Council planting a tree

Chair of Council Planting a tree

As the Chair of Council for Maasai Mara University, Dr. Kennedy Ole Kerei stands tall amidst the verdant beauty of the Mau Forest, embodying the university's dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable practices. With each tree planted, Dr. Kerei underscores the institution's unwavering commitment to nurturing both academic excellence and ecological responsibility, ensuring a flourishing future for all
VC and Maasai Mara University Council Menbers

VC and Maasai Mara University Council Members

Amidst the lush greenery of the Mau Forest, the Vice Chancellor and two Maasai Mara University Council Members stand united, symbolizing our collective commitment to nurturing nature on Tree Planting Day. Together, we sow the seeds of sustainability, fostering a greener legacy for generations to come.

Through the leadership of Prof. Peninah Aloo-Obudho and Dr. Kennedy Ole Kerei, Maasai Mara University continues to set a precedent for academic institutions across the nation, demonstrating that excellence in education and environmental stewardship go hand in hand

Maasai Mara University: Pioneering Academic Excellence and Environmental Leadership

Maasai Mara University stands at the forefront of academic excellence and environmental stewardship in Kenya. Spearheaded by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Peninah Aloo-Obudho and Council Chairman Dr. Kennedy Ole Kerei, the university has made significant strides in promoting environmental conservation and management.

In a recent demonstration of this commitment, Maasai Mara University organized a tree-planting event in collaboration with stakeholders at Chebita, Narok South, situated within Mau forest block 23. This event showcased the university's proactive approach to environmental sustainability, bringing together Council Members Agnes Busienei and Dr. Susan Chebet, alongside other key participants.

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