Africa Climate Summit; 2023

Maasai Mara University on Climate Change

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Driving Green Growth & Climate Finance Solutions for Africa

His Excellency President William Samoei Ruto is the driving force behind the first-ever Africa Climate Summit [ACS23] that ran from 4th-6th September, 2023, which has come out strongly to address the continent's growing vulnerability to climate change and its costs on a worldwide scale as well as specifically in Africa. As climate crises are predicted to become more frequent and intense, immediate action is needed to lessen these difficulties. The Nairobi Declaration has been developed, amendments done and finally adopted by African leaders present in the Summit as a forum to inform, frame, and influence commitments, pledges, and outcomes.

Maasai Mara University was at the forefront to present her Climate Action Activities during this crucial summit that attracted parastatals, investors from the global community as well as developing stakeholders in the climate and environment sector. Maasai Mara University was the Only University in the summit to showcase her Climate Action Activities that entailed five (5) items namely:

  1. Briquette fuel manufacture from biomass waste
  2. Biogas production
  3. Model Tree Nursery
  4. African Medicinal Botanical Garden [AMBG]
  5. Recycling & Management of University Wastewater/Effluent Unit

The institution has made strides to have inclusive partnerships with relevant stakeholders, the National government as well as Community Based Organizations as part of her strategic plan in ensuring the objective of the Africa Climate Summit is adopted for development.

Prof Mburu 1
Prof. Francis Mburu, Chair of the Model Tree Nursery & Chair of the African Climate Summit Committee explaining Maasai Mara Climate action activities to participants during the summit
Mr Omuse at the Climate Change summit 2023
Mr. Galfen Omuse, explaining to participants conservation activities that help minimize causes of climate change
Mr. Marjan Abdallah at The University Booth with participants of the Africa Climate Summit being oriented on renewable energy production and community awareness campaign on Climate Action Activities in Maasai Mara University.
Ag. VC. with swedish deligation
The Ag. Vice Chancellor – Prof. Peninah Aloo Obudho having discussions with the Deputy Head Of Mission · Embassy of Sweden on wood and related technologies
University Stand
The University stand was a beehive of activities as it attracted both local and International participants. A number of visitors depicted their interest in working with Maasai Mara University. The journey towards branding the University has began in earnest.

our contribution

Maasai Mara University's prominent presence at Africa Climate Week & Summit 2023

Maasai Mara University is currently making a significant impact at the Africa Climate Week & Summit 2023. Their exhibition is drawing widespread attention for showcasing innovative solutions and their commitment to addressing climate change challenges. The university is highlighting renewable energy projects, biodiversity conservation efforts, sustainable agriculture practices, and robust research and education programs. They actively engage with local communities and collaborate with various partners to amplify their impact, positioning themselves as leaders in the fight against climate change

Pictorial at the Africa Climate Week & Summit 2023

Ag. Vice chancellor commitment to the enviroment


The Ag. Vice chancellor making her visit to Her Excellency Mama Rachel Ruto Pavilion to appreciate and commit support to the President’s 15 Billion tree call by 2032 by initiating 100 Environmental clubs, tree nurseries and woodlots within schools in Narok county. This is a follow-up on the pledge made by Maasai Mara University on climate action activities during the launch of Mama Doing Good Model Tree Nursery launch at Maasai Mara University on 7th August, 2023.

Mama doing good initiative
The Ag. Vice Chancellor Prof. Peninah Aloo Obudho with the First Lady’s Mazingira Awards for students who participated in Mama Doing Good Initiative.
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