Degree Title: Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

Degree Duration: 4 Years

Degree Description:

The Community Development major is an interdisciplinary program. The curriculum provides students theoretical, statistical, decision-making and communication skills that they can effectively apply in county and state governmental agencies, community planning firms, municipal departments, marketing firms, and other professional settings.  The program will enhance students’ abilities to:  collect and analyze different kinds of data; work with community leaders, groups and public; identify and mobilize necessary resources for development processes; and assess outcomes and impacts of community development on residents and newcomers.  Graduates with a Community Development major will be able to apply their skills to such issues as:  institutional development; human capacity building; economic development; youth development; poverty; welfare to work; water quality; land use planning; and other issues involving the mobilization of and collaboration with diverse community groups.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme:

By the end of the course the learner should be able to:

  • Manage current and cutting-edge developmental and human wellbeing issues.
  • Deal with contemporary and emerging issues and challenges in Community Development
  • Use the tools needed to sustain communities
  • Focus on capacities of communities/neighborhoods
  • Promote responsibility and involvement of the entire community 

Minimum Admission Requirements for the Programmme

Eligible applicants in the Bachelor of Arts in Community Development Programme shall meet the following qualifications:


  • Holders of KCSE certificate, grade C+ or its equivalent


  • Holders KACE certificates with a minimum of two principal or its equivalent.


  • Holders of a 2 year relevant diploma from an accredited institution which is recognized by the Maasai Mara University senate and CUE or  its equivalent


  • Holders of an advanced relevant diploma from an accredited institution recognized by the University senate and CUE or its equivalent.

Degree Courses

List of Course Per Semester

The courses offered are shown below.

N/B: University-wide common courses are italicized; Programme core courses and required courses are in normal font; Elective courses are in bold font.

First Year

First Semester

Course codeTitleCredit Hours
CMJ 1100Communication Skills3
ZOO 1100HIV & Aids & Lifestyle Diseases3
SAS 1103The Art of Writing3
SOC 1105Introduction to Social Sciences3
CMD 1103Introduction to Community Development3
CMD 1104Introduction to Basic Management Skills3
SOC 1103Introduction to Sociology3
Total Credit Hours21

Second Semester

Course codeTitleCredit Hours
COM 1200Computer & Information Literacy  3
MAT 1200  Quantitative Skills3
SAS 1204Deviation and Rehabilitation3
SWK 1103Introduction to Social Work3
CMD 1205 Philosophy and Development3
CMD 1206Contemporary Community Development Issues3
CMD 1207Introduction to Community Organizing3
SWK 1207Social Psychology3
SWK 1208Human Rights and Empowerment3
Total Credit Hours27

Second Year

First Semester

Course codeTitleCredit Hours
ENS 2100 Environmental Skills3
REL 2100   Philosophy & Critical Thinking  3
SAS 2105Principles of Communication3
CMD 2108 Theories of Development & Underdevelopment3
CMD 2109Group Techniques and Analysis3
CMD 2110Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation  3
CMD 2111Crisis Intervention in Community Development3
Total Credit Hours21

 Second Semester

Course codeTitleCredit Hours
SAS 2206Ethnicity, Peace Relations and Nation Building in Kenya3
REL 2205   Religion and Society3
CMD 2212 Community development research methods3
CMD 2213Institutional Structure and Policy Framework for Community Development 3
CMD 2214Human Rights Education in Community Development3
CMD 2215 Public Relations in Community Development Organizations3
SOC 2220 Formal Organizations3
Total Credit Hours21 

Third Year

First Semester

Course codeTitleCredit Hours
ESAS 3107Contemporary Gender Issues  3
STA 3125   Statistical Methods and Data Analysis  3
CMD 3116Leadership & Management of Community Projects3
CMD 3117Rural Development Administration Strategies3
CMD 3118Social Policy & Administration3
SOC 3128Community Health3
SWK 3120Health, Environment and Community3
Electives (Choose at least 1 Elective)
SWK 3119Social Service Delivery3
CMD 3119Human Service Organizations3
Total Credit Hours27 

Second Semester

Course codeTitleCredit Hours
BBM 3200Entrepreneurial & Work Skills3
SAS 3208  Communication and Culture  3
CMD 3220Extension Education3
CMD 3221Community Development Field Attachment  6
CMD 3222Human Growth & Development3
CMD 3223 Advocacy for Institutional Change  3
SOC 3230Social Economic Change & Development3
Total Credit Hours24

Fourth Year

First Semester

Course codeTitleCredit Hours
SAS 4109English for Specific Purposes3
CMD 4124Comparative development strategies  3
CMD 4125Participatory Poverty Assessment Methodology3
CMD 4126Gender and Development  3
CMD 4127Community Health3
CMD 4128Labor Movement & Contemporary Society  3
CMD 4129Community Capacity Building3
SOC 4141Rural Sociology3
Total Credit Hours24

Second Semester

Course codeTitleCredit Hours
SAS 4210Disaster & Conflict Management3
CMD 4230Planning & Development  3
CMD 4231Proposal Writing & Fundraising3
CMD 4232Environment & Community Development3
CMD 4233Community Development Field Course3
CMD 4234Community Development Research Paper6
CMD 4235Community Development Research Project6
SOC 4141Rural Sociology3
Electives (Choose at least 1 Elective)
CMD 4236Cooperatives & Community Development3
SOC 4248Participatory Development3
Total Credit Hours27
Total Credit Hours192

NOTE: Community Development Students Are Required To Take Either CMD 4234: Community Development Research Paper or CMD 4235: Community Development Research Project