3.1.2 Course Distribution

The Courses offered are listed below:


Semester 1

Semester 2

Unit Code

Unit Title

Unit Code

Unit Title


Introduction to Communication

MAT 1200

Quantitative Skills II

CPR 1102

The contexts of human communication

SAS 1202

Deviation and Rehabilitation

SAS 1101

Art of Writing

CPR 1202

Introduction to Advertising

CPR 1104

Public Speaking

CMJ 1203

News Writing and Reporting

CPR 1101

Communication skills I

CMJ 1204

Introduction to Broadcast Media

CMJ 1106

English for Communication

CPR 1208

 Psychology of communication


Quantitative Skills I

CPR 1206

 Communication skills II 

ZOO 1101



COM 1100

Computer Applications & Computing

CMJ 1205

Kiswahili for communication

(NB: elective for non-Swahili speakers)

                        Total credit 27                                                           Total credit hours 24


Semester 1

Semester 2

Unit Code

Unit Title

Unit Code

Unit Title

CPR 2101

Introduction to Public Relations

CPR 2201

Marketing for Communication

LIT 2102

Introduction to Literature

CPR 2202

Interpersonal and intergroup communication

CMJ 2103

Introduction to broadcast production

CPR 2203

Communication and persuasion

CMJ 2104

Introduction to photography

CMJ 2201

Gender and Communication

REL 2100

 Philosophy and Critical thinking

SAS 2204

Ethnicity, Peace Relations and Nation Building in Kenya

BLL 2105

Translation theory and practice

CPR 2204

Leadership and communication

CMJ 2106

Media law and Ethics

CMJ 2203

Editing for Print Media

IRD 200

State, society and development 

CMJ 2204

Theories of Mass Communication


CPR 2208

Organizational behavior

                        Total credit hours 27                                    Total credit hours 27


Semester 1

Semester 2

Unit Code

Unit Title

Unit Code

Unit Title

CMJ 3105

Online and Multimedia Communication

CPR 3201

Corporate Advertising: Design & Production

CPR 3102

Public Communication Campaigns

CPR 3202

Organizational Communication

CPR 3103

Project Management

CPR 3203

 Ethics in Public Relations



CPR 3204

Corporate Communication

CPR 3105   

Copy Writing

CPR 3205

International Communication

SAS 3105:

Contemporary Gender Issues

SASS 3206

 Communication and Culture

CMJ 3103

Communication Research Skills I

CMJ 3204

Communication Research skills II

CPR 3107

Behavior Change and Communication

BBM 3200

Entrepreneurship Skills





CPR 3108


CPR 3109

Media Audiences and Effects


Creative Writing

CPR 3207


 CPR 3208

Web Design for Multimedia


Community Media and Citizen Journalism

                        Total credit hours 24                                    Total credit hours 27

CPR 3209

Industrial Attachment

At Least 12 Weeks


Semester 1

Semester 2

Unit Code

Unit Title

Unit Code

Unit Title

CPR  4101

Crisis Communication

CPR 4201

Organizational Behavior II

CPR 4102

Strategic Management

CPR 4202

Public Relations Strategies and Techniques

CPR 4103

Writing for Public Relations and Mass Media

CPR 4203

 Management of Events

CPR 4104

Proposal Writing and Fundraising

CPR 4204

Corporate Communication Campaigns and Evaluation

CPR 4105

Public Opinion and Propaganda

CPR 4205

Research Project

CPR 4106

Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

CPR 4206

Development Communication

CMJ 4104

Broadcast Commercials Production

CMJ 4202

Broadcast Feature and Documentary Production

                        Total credit hours 21                        Total credit hours 24

Overall Number of Lecture Hours: 201