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Agnes Chepkemoi Busienei

Agnes Chepkemoi Busienei is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of Educational Administration. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Administration at the University of Nairobi, indicating her commitment to furthering her knowledge and expertise in this area. Agnes previously obtained a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from the same university, showcasing her academic accomplishments in the field.

Before embarking on her higher education journey, Agnes completed her Bachelor’s degree in Education with a focus on English & Literature, achieving a Second-Class Upper Division, again from the University of Nairobi. This academic background in education and language arts likely laid the foundation for her subsequent career in teaching and educational administration.

Agnes spent a decade working as a TSC P1 teacher, gaining valuable experience in the education sector. As a P1 teacher under the Teachers Service Commission, she was responsible for teaching and molding the minds of young learners during their early educational years.

In her current role, Agnes serves as the Director of Sony Sugar Factory in Awendo, Kenya. This position holds significant responsibilities, including overseeing the factory’s overall operations and management. As a director, she plays a crucial role in setting strategic goals, managing resources, and making important decisions to ensure the factory’s success and efficiency.

Moreover, Agnes holds the esteemed position of Chairperson for both the General Purposes and Operations Committees at Sony Sugar Board. This dual role indicates her ability to take on multiple leadership responsibilities and actively participate in important decision-making processes within the organization.

Agnes Busienei’s profile showcases her as a highly qualified and experienced individual in the field of Educational Administration. Her dedication to education, extensive teaching experience, and leadership role as a director position her as a valuable asset to Maasai Mara University and its growth.


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