Prof. Nathan Oyaro


Journals, Publications & Books

  • A study of heterogeneous dilute indigenous carbonate salt hydrolysis of non-woody lingo-cellulosic plant samples, Osano Aloys Mosima, Okong’o Erick Ragong’ondi, Oyaro Nathan, and Kiptoo Jackson, international journal of scientific and engineering research, vol. 4 issue 6, june-2013p333-338
  • The potential of Zea Mays, Commelina bengelensis, Helianthus annus and Amaranthus hubridus for the pytoremediation of water water, Oyaro Nathan,Kemenyu Phylis, Okong’o Eric Rang’ondi, Chacha Joseph Sarima, Revista Ambiente & Aqua-interdisciplinary Journal of applied Science:v 7 n. 3, 2012p.1-8
  • Determination of the levels of Nitrogen and phosphorous in Dandora Domestic water treatment Plant in Nairobi: The current Status, Sewe, H., Njenga, J.,Oyaro, Nathan, Mailutha, J. T., Makayoto, M.,Journal of chemical society Vol.7, N. 1 January, 2013p28-39
  • The Efficeincy of Dandora Domestic and Industrial waste treatment plant Nairobi, Sewe, H., Njenga, J., Oyaro, Nathan, Mailutha, J. T., Makayoto, M., Journal of chemical society Vol. 7, N. 1 January, 2013p40-49.
  • Composition and Structural character ization of indigenenous salts in Kenya: A case study of para, magadi and lebek crystalline salts, Osano, Aloys m., Okong’o Eric R., Oyaro Nathan and Kiptoo Jackson, International journal of Biochemphysics v. 20. January, 2013.
  • Analysis of Kenya Honey for Determination of Essential and Heavy metals by Atomic Spectroscopy, 2 010, Mbiri, A., Onditi, A. O., Oyaro, N., and Murago, E., International Journal of Physical Science volume 2, No. 3,87-91
  • Detemination of Heavy Metals and Nutrients in water samples of rivers Naka and Irigu, Chuka Meru-South District-Kenya using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and UV/Visible Pectrophometry, 2010, Onditi, O. A., Mutembei, J. K., Chacha, J. S., and Oyaro, N., International Journal of Pure and Applied Science, Volume 3, No. 4, 1-7
  • AUGUST, 2008 presented a paper at 5th SET AC Congress in Sydney, Australia entitled „The potential of C. bengelensis, A hybridus, and Z. Mays for phytoemediation of heavy metals from contaminated soils.
  • December, 2007 presented a paper at East and Southern Africa Environmental Chemistry conference (ESAECC) at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, entitled„ ‟Phytoremediation of heavy metals from contaminated soils “
  • Determination of selected metals in Honey by Atomic Absorption and Atomic emission Spectroscopy, 2009, Mbiri A., Onditi, A. and Oyaro, N. 2nd Scientific Conference part II Volume 2, number 2, 29-33, ISSN 9966923780
  • Determination of quality of the Active ingredient in painkillers using GC-MS,2009 , Murago, E.N, Oyaro, N., Gachanja, A. N Anaam, O.O.,Mwawili, F., Lancaster,2nd Scientific Conference part II Volume 2, number 2, 29-33, ISSN 9966923780
  • The potential of commelina bengelensis, amaranthus, hybridus, zea mays for phytoremediation of heavy metals from contaminated soils, Sains Malaysiana 38(1), 2009(61 – 68)
  • The content of Pb, Cu, Zn and Cd in meat in Nairobi, Kenya, Oyaro, N., Ogendi, J., Gitonga, E, Journal of food, Agriculture and Technology, 5 (3&4), 2007(119-121)
  • Heavy metals in soils in Nairobi city, Kenya: Oyaro Nathan, Jane I. Murungi, Joseph S. Chacha, Journal of the Kenya Chemical Society, 3(1),2006
  • Atmospheric chemistry of hydrofluoroethers: Reaction of a series of hydrofluoroethers with OH radicals and Cl atoms, atmospheric lifetimes, and global warming potentials: Journal of physical chemistry A 2005, 109, 337 – 346, Nathan Oyaro, Stig R. Sellevåg and Claus J. Nielsen:
  • A study of OH and Cl-initiated oxidation, IR absorption Cross – section, Radiative forcing and global warming potential of C4 –hyrofluoroethers, Nathan Oyaro, Stig R. Sellevåg and Claus J. Nielsen: Environmetal science and technology 2004, 38,(21), 5567 –5576
  • Kinetic Study of the OH Reaction with the Hyrofluoroethers C4F9 – O – CH3 and C4F9 – O-CH2CH3 by the Relative Rate Method,oyaro, N.; Nielsen, C.J. Asian Chemistry letters 2003, 7, 119-122.
  • November, 2009, presented A paper at SETAC Africa meeting, Uganda entitled “ Determination of NOx and SOx levels in Nairobi City using passive and active samplers
  • September,2010, presented a paper at 6th annual international conference, Moi University entitled “Genetically modified crops will not be the solution to alleviation of food shortages in Kenya”
  • May, 2011, presented a paper at National Council For Science and Technology at KICC entitled “Growth and analysis of algae species as a source of biodiesel”
  • May, 2011, presented A paper at SETAC Europe, Milan, Italy, entitled “ FT-IR as a promising method for rapid determination of adulteration of gasoline with kerosene.
  • December, 2007 presented a paper at East and Southern Africa Environmental Chemistry conference ( ESAECC) at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe,entitled„ Determination of the quantity of the active ingredients in pain killers using GC-MS‟‟
  • October, 2006 attended International Conference on Pesticide Use in Developing Countries: Environmental Fate, Effects and Public Health Implications in Arusha Tanzania and presented a paper on ‘Study of the atmospheric Degradation of pesticides mimics’ Authors: Oyaro, N. (pp. 34.)
  • August, 2005 presented a paper at the 5th International conference of Kenya chemical society at Kenyatta University.Title „ the fate of pesticides in the environment at Kenya‟ Authors: Oyaro, N. and Gitu, L. (pp. 30).
  • Reaction of chloroethenes with atomic chlorine in atmosphere: Morozov, I.Oyaro, N.; Nielsen, C. J.:Submitted preparation Papers presented
  • May 29, 2013 presented a paper at Eldoretpolytechni c „effects of heartwood extractive of Terminalia spinosa on wood degradation by fungi
  • August, 1999 presented a paper at Kenya Chemical Society International Conference at Jomo Kenyatta University entitled “Heavy metal content in soil as an indicator of pollution in the city of Nairobi”
  • June, 2006 presented a paper at the first annual conference Faculty of Science vol.1 , 2006, proceedings pp 10-21, „Phytoremediation of wastewater‟ at Jomo Kenyatta University.

Books Published

  • Foundation Physical Chemistry For „A‟ Level, Colleges And Universities Published By Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Educational Publishers In 2012, By Dr. Okong’o, E. And Prof Oyaro, N
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