Mr. Nooseli Moses

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Journals & Publications

    • Nooseli, M. L., & Matheka, A. M. (2015). Adoption of Mobile Phones for Research as an Alternative to Desktop and Laptop Computers in Resource-Constrained Countries: Case Study of Maasai Mara University. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research, ISSN 2223 – 4985.
    • Bwana, C. A., & Nooseli, M. L. (2014). Impact of Mobile Phone Related Spending on Rural Community in Kenya: A Case Study of Kiabuya Village in Homabay County. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research, Vol. 4, No.8 pp. 312-324. ISSN 2223-4985

Conferences Attended

  • Nooseli, M. L. (2016). Denial of Service Mitigation. 2nd International Maasai Mara University Conference, (p. 102). Narok
  • Nooseli, M. (2016). Predicting Heart Diseases Using Naïve Bayes. 2nd International Maasai Mara University Conference, (p. 101). Narok
  • Nooseli, M. L. (2016). ICT Strategy for Political Campaign. 2nd International Maasai Mara University Conference, (p. 102). Narok.
  • Nooseli, l. M. (2014). Application of Data Mining in Health Information Systems. Maasai Mara University 1st International Conference.Narok: Maasai Mara University.
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