Department of Computing & Information Sciences

Mr. Justus Ope

chairman of department

welcome to our website! We are so happy that you have taken the time to explore what academic programs we have to offer.

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences offers innovative courses, industry-driven research and a wide range of work experience opportunities for our students.

Our mission is to advance innovation and knowledge of Computer Science and Computer Engineering through internationally and nationally recognized research, teaching, and services, and to train highly employable information technology and computer science, graduates.

Academic programmes

Ph.D. Programmes

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Statistics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pure Mathematics

Master Programmes

  • Master of Science in Applied Statistics
  • Master of Science in Chemistry
  • Master of Science in Physics
  • Master of Science in Pure Mathematics
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Information Science
  • Master of Science in Applied Entomology

Undergraduate Programmes

The School has a variety of Undergraduate programs in various areas like Computer Science, Applied Statistics with Computing, Information Science, Chemistry, Botany, Physics, Zoology, and Mathematics. The following programs are ongoing in the school. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Diploma Programmes

All most all the Departments in the School also offers some highly demand Diploma Programs. Below is the list of their Name of program, Admission Requirements and fee structure.

  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Applied statistics with Computing
  • Diploma in Information Science
  • Diploma in Chemistry
  • Diploma in Physics
  • Diploma in Zoology

Certificate Programmes

The Department of Computer and Information Science and Department of Mathematics & Physical Sciences offers various certificate programs. E.g.

  • Certificate in Computer Science
  • Certificate in Applied statistics with Computing

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