Bachelor of Science in Animal Health & Production

Entry/admission requirements

  1. A minimum of C+ in KCSE with at least C+ in Biology or Biological Sciences and any one of the following: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, or physical sciences.
  2. Two principals and one subsidiary pass at Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education level or equivalent, one of which must be in biology and in any other science subject.
  3. A minimum of C plain in KCSE and at least a credit pass Diploma in Animal Health/Agriculture/Medical Laboratory Technology from an institution approved by Kenya Veterinary Board.
  4. A minimum of a C- in KCSE with at least a Credit pass in both Certificate and Diploma Animal Health/Agriculture/Medical Laboratory Technology from an institution approved by KVB
  5. A degree in a biological Science from institutions approved by the Board.
  6. Any other qualification equivalent to the above from an institution approved by KVB

Career prospects & opportunities

  • Veterinary pharmacy operator or owner
  • Veterinary para-professional employment in the County Government, non-governmental organizations
  • Animal Farming enterprise managers or owners
  • Breeding (Artificial insemination, animal breeders)
  • Cattle Feedlot Processor/mangers
  • Equine Boarding/Stable Manager
  • Farm General Manager
  • Herdsperson
  • Individual Proprietor
  • Laboratory Animal Management
  • Livestock Ranch/Range Manager
  • Mammal Conservation Manager
  • Manage Livestock Sales/Distribution/Marketing Systems
  • Manage Ranches/Farms/Feedlots
  • Manage Research Farms and Facilities
  • Manage animal Training/Boarding Facilities
  • Managers of Stud Farms/Livestock/Poultry Operations
  • Pet Store Assistant /Manager
  • Aquatic animal health manager
  • Poultry Hatchery Manager
  • Swine Section Manager
  • Veterinary Practice Manager
  • Wean-Market Operations Director
  • Zoo Animal Care operations
  • Research and Innovation by furthering education to Masters and PhD
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