Dr. Shinali Mary Consolata Khasanti

Lecturer - Email: maryshinali@mmarau.ac.ke

  • Adaptation of the curriculum to suit children with visual impairment in early childhood centers, Narok County. Authors: Shinali Maryconsolata, Christina Mnjokava, and Ruth Thinguri Educational Research International ISSN – L: 2307-3713 online ISSN: 2307-3713 print Issue: Vol 3, Number 4 August 4, 2014
  • Assessment of The Effectiveness of Methods Used in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Narok North Sub County Mary M. Ng’ethe, Maryconsolata Shinali, School of Education, Maasai Mara University, Narok, KENYA. ISSN-L:2307-3713(ONLINE) ISSN :2307-3720 (PRINT) FEBRUARY 2018
  • Influence of Socio-Cultural Factors on Transition of learners from Primary to Secondary Schools in Central Division, Narok County, and  Kenya. Authors: Fredrick Odhiambo  and  Shinali  Maryconsolata Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research Vol. 3, NO.9 2016 October 2016  ISSN:2408-770X(Print) ISSN:2408-6231(Online)
  • Assessing the impacts of Parenting styles on Academic Achievement in Early Childhood Education and Development in Narok South Sub-County, Kenya. Authors: Shinali Maryconsolata and Kibet Peter Koech, International Journal of Research in Education and Social Science Vol 1, Issue 2 June. 2016 ISSN:2414-8792(Print) ISSN:2415-2528(Online)
  • A critical analysis of the county government’s role in financing early childhood development and education programmes: the case of Narok County, Kenya. Authors: Shinali Maryconsolata and Boniface Kamau Education research international  Vol 5(1) February 2016 ISSN: 2307-3721, ISSN: 2307-3713
  • Quality education in Universities Authors: Veronica Onjoro, Kibet Koech, Millicent Githui, and Shinali Maryconsolata. International Journal of Education and Research Vol 2. N0. 6 June 2014
  • Policy and children’s rights advocacy in Early Childhood Centers in Kenya: A case of Narok County. Authors: Shinali Maryconsolata and Paul Mutai Educational Research International (ERint) SAVAP International ISSN:2307-3721-Online ISSN:2307-3713-Print ISSUE: VOL5(2) JUNE,2016Pg 75-81
  • Assessment of the Impact of Early Childhood Development Capitation on ECDE Programme in Kenya: A case of Narok South Sub County, Kenya. Authors: Shinali Maryconsolata, Ruth Thinguri, and Millicent Github. Journal of Education and Practice IISTE Journal: JEP@iiste.org Vol 5 No 26. 2014
  • Resources for Children with Visual Impairment in Integrated ECDE Centers Authors: Shinali Maryconsolata, Peter Koech, and Millicent Github. ISSN 2348-5620  Vol., Issue 4 October 2014 pp.171-176 URL:http:llwww.mercglobal.org/ijssm-Vol.1-issue4.htmlMERC Global
  • The effectiveness of the Board of Management of Curriculum Programmes and instructional materials of public Secondary Schools in Kenya.
  • Authors: Josephine Waeni, Shinali Maryconsolata, Sarah Marugu, and Ruth Thinguri. ISSN 2348-5620  Vol. I issue 3 October 2014 pp. 157 – 162 URL: http://www.mercglobal.org/ijssm-vol.I-issued4.html © MERC Global
  • To investigate girls drop out of schools; The case of Mombasa County Authors: Ruth Thinguri, Millicent Wandia, and Shinali Maryconsolata. International Journal of Educational and Research  Vol 2. No. 5 May 2014.
  • Towards improved access to secondary education in Kenya: A focus on In-school-factors that hinder the effective transition from primary schools. Authors: Fredrick Odhiambo and Shinali Maryconsolata International Journal of Education and Research. Vol 3 No. 12 (2015) December 2015
  • Maseno University, 8TH MARCH, 2017 An evaluation of teachers' Preparedness To Handle Learners With Visual Impairments In Inclusive Preschools In Narok North Sub County, Kenya
  • 2nd International Conference held from 25th-26th May 2016 at Maasai Mara University-Narok, Kenya. Presented a paper entitled ‘Education Innovation for Sustainable Development in ECDE Centers in Narok County’. Author: Shinali Maryconsolata Khasanti.
  • 2nd International Conference held from 28th-30th October 2015 at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, GABA Campus, Eldoret, Kenya. Presented a paper entitled ‘Nonformal Education Challenges and Opportunities: Case of Arusha Region-Tanzania’. Co-authored by Christina Mnjokava and Shinali Maryconsolata. 
  • 2nd International Conference held from 28th-30th October 2015 at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, GABA Campus, Eldoret, Kenya. Presented a paper entitled ‘Assessing the influence of socio-cultural factors on the transition of learners from Primary to Secondary Schools in Narok County, Kenya’. Co-authored by Shinali Maryconsolata and Fredrick Odhiambo
  • 1st International Conference held on 11th -14th November 2014 at Maasai Mara University-Main Campus in Narok, Kenya. Presented a paper entitled ‘ An analysis of the preparedness of Preschool teachers in ICT and Development Centres in Narok County, Kenya.
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