Department of Education Foundation and Psychology

Dr. Rop Naftali

chairman of department

welcome to our website! We are so happy that you have taken the time to explore what academic programs we have to offer. The department of Education Foundations is one of the two departments under the School of Education. It houses the following common areas in education, including education foundation courses and education psychology courses for teacher training in bachelor of education. It also houses three programmes namely, Bachelor of Education (Arts or Science) with Guidance and Counseling, Bachelor of Education (Arts or Science) with Special Needs Education and Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education. The areas under foundation courses (such as History of Education) and psychology courses (such as Educational Psychology), and the programmes, are offered at diploma, bachelors, masters and PhD levels. Currently, the curricula for all these areas and programmes are being reviewed and developed to fit the modern demands of these programmes. These programmes are also offered in the University’s centres/campuses and collaborating collages. Currently, the department has got a total of eight (8) dedicated, committed and qualified teaching staff, with prospects of employing more staff in its expansion plans. In addition, the department hires qualified and competent adjunct lecturers to assist in teaching. As the university advances in its structures, the department will disintegrate to give rise to four (4) independent departments, that is, Education Foundations, Education Psychology, Special Needs Education and Early Childhood Education. The graduates from the department have evidently been good ambassadors for the department in particular, and the university at large, in the job market. 

Academic programmes

Academic Programmes

Doctorate ProgrammersMaster ProgrammesUndergraduate Programmers
  • PhD  in Educational Administration

  • PhD  in Educational Curriculum and media studies

  • PhD in Educational Psychology

  • PhD in Educational Guidance and Counseling

  • PhD in Educational curriculum studies

  • Master of Education (Guidance and Counseling)

  • Master of Education (Educational Administration)

  • Master of Education (Early Childhood Development)

  • Master of Education (Philosophy of Education)

  • Master of Education (Special Needs Education)

  • Master of Education (Educational Psychology)

  • Master of Education (Curriculum Instruction and Media)

  • Master of Education (Sociology of Education)

  • Master of Education (History of Education)

  • Master of Education (Curriculum Studies)

  • Master of Education (Comparative Education)

  • Master of Education (Executive) in Leadership and Policy studies

  • Bachelor of Education (Arts)

  • Bachelor of Education (Science)

  • Bachelor of Education (Arts) with Special Needs Education

  • Bachelor of Education (Arts) with Guidance and Counseling

  • Bachelor of Education (Science) with Special Needs Education

  • Bachelor of Education (Science) with Guidance and Counseling

  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development Education)

Diploma Programmers

  • Diploma in Education (primary Option)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education
  • Diploma in Education (Arts)
  • Diploma in Education (Science)


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