Ms. Belinda Kisia

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Journals & Publications

  • Bachelor of Commerce University of Nairobi Master of BusinessAdministration University of Nairobi
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism Management Moi University (on-going)
  • Diploma in Business Management Kenya Institute of Management
  • Certificate in Servant Leadership Sundoulos Africa Leadership Training Institute


  • Mose S. O.,Lagat A., Kisia B.A (2016); Factors affecting utilization of ICT in public organizations: a case of Narok North District Headquarters-Kenya
  • Dr. Korir J. Dr. Manono; Ngoriarita Plimo; Dr.  Kosgey D; Dr.  Imbaya B; Dr. Makomere J; Rose Burugu R; Kisia B; Issues in Tourism in Kenyan Perspective by: Utafiti Publishers (2017) ISBM 978-9966-26-109-0Edited by Dr Korir J.
  • Prof. Sewe T. And Kisia B(2017); Communicating Human Resource Development Strategy to SeniorManagement and the Workforce for Effective Organizational Performance in Developing Countries htpp://
  • Kisia B. A and Dr. Agoki D. K (2017); A Bid to Acquire Qualifications and Credentials and Quality University Education in Kenya – A Lecturer’s Dilemma – IOSR-Journal of Business Management
  • Dr. Agoki D.K and Kisia B(2017)International Consumer Perception Towards Kenyan Banking Marketing Mix and Delivery Services.Journal of Technology and Socio-Economic Development Volume 6
  • Kisia B. And Prof.  Sewe T (2018) Intrinsic Motivation: A Tool for Organizational Development in the Public Sector in Developing Countries; htpp://
  • Kisia B. And Prof.  Sewe T(2018) Corporate Identity as a Tool for Communicating Competitive Advantage  htpp://

Workshops, Seminars & Conferences

  • 2005   An Analysis of Factors Affecting the Provision of Services    by Banks to International Businesses: A Case of National Bank Of Kenya Ltd –  University of Nairobi (Masters Thesis)
  • 2006    An Investigation of Factors Influencing Satisfying Service Delivery by Bank Workers To Bank Customers: A Case of The National Bank of Kenya Ltd. – Diploma Thesis (Kenya Institute of Management)
  • 2013    Factors that prevent Maasai women from benefiting economically from tourism activities – Symposium Presentation (Kenya Association of Educational Administration and Management)      
  • 2014    Evaluating the effectiveness of stress management programs in organizations – Maasai Mara University 1st International Conference
  • 2014    Lecturer credentials and quality education: creating equilibrium – Quality Education and Research Workshop (Maasai Mara University)
  • 2015    Incorporating construal level theory in the tourist consumer decision model for the tourists visiting the Maasai Mara National Reserve – Phd thesis proposal (Moi University)
  • 2017    Education as a Spiritual Journey – 2ndInternational Conference Maasai Mara University
  • 2017    International Consumer Perception Towards Kenyan Banking Marketing Mix and Delivery Services – 7thAnnual International conference (Eldoret National Polytechnic)
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