Registrar (Administration & Strategy)

Mr. Partoip

CHRP. Samuel. K. Partoip, MIHRM 

BEd, MSc (Moi), HND, CHRP(K)


The office of University Registrar (Administration & Strategy) is a sub-division and falls within the Administration, Finance and Strategy division of the University. It is charged with the responsibility of policy implementation in support services. Our goal is to provide quality support services that will see the mandate of the University successfully delivered. Our key differentiating factor is ‘human resources’, it is the effective and optimal utilization of ‘the people’ that will offer continued success to the University. We are keen to attract, recruit, a select, train, develop, reward, maintain and retain the best talent in the University that will see the realization of the Mission and Vision of the University. 

Besides the management of people, our other activities rotate around effective management of facilities on campus to ensure that our internal and external customers are satisfied. In this pursuit, we are currently adopting robust ICT initiatives cantered at improving the speed of effectiveness and accuracy in service delivery.  We look forward to creating an environment that is responsive to our customers’ needs and provides a quality working environment for our staff. The departments/Units that fall under the administration sub-division include the following; Human Resource, Estates, Health Services, Transport, Central Services, and Catering.

We are committed to continual quality improvement ‘unfreezing and refreezing’ in quality cycles of change.


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