1. What is KOHA?  
      Koha is an integrated library management system used to perform library functions like issuing and returning of books.
    2. How do I register as a library user?
      As soon you register for your course automatically you are registered library user
    3.  How many books can I borrow at a time?
      The numbers of books borrowed is dependent on user category i.e. for long loan items, its four (4) books for students; six (6) books for staff and teaching staff and two (2) books for short loan items across all user categories
    4.  What is short loan?
      These are scarce and on high demand information materials/books that are borrowed and returned within a short period of time. Usually after twenty-four (24) hours.
    5. Can I change my library account password?
      Yes, simply login into your KOHA library account through OnlineCatalogue.mmarau.ac.ke using your login credentials and then change the previous password to new one and confirm.
    6. How much fine is charged for overdue books?
      Long Loan books will each attract an overdue fine of Ksh. 5.00 per day while short Loan will each attracts a fine of Ksh. 20.00 per hour
    7. Can I check my outstanding overdue fine?
      Yes, simply login into your KOHA library account through OnlineCatalogue.mmarau.ac.ke  using your login credentials and check your outstanding overdue fines status
    8.  How many times can I renew a book?
      A borrowed library book may be renewed once only
    9. If I have borrowed a book and am not able to return it, what can I do?
      You can either log in to your library account and renew or present the books to the library circulation desk for renewal. The new due date is calculated from the day the book is renewed and is dependent on user category.
    10. When I borrow a book, for how long can I stay with it?
      The duration is dependent on user category i.e. for long loan items, its two(2) week for students; three (3) months for staff and teaching staff and two(2) hours for short loan items across all user categories
    11. What should I do if a book I have borrowed gets lost?
      Report the incident to the Librarian immediately for guidance and advice
    12. What is the procedure of borrowing a book from the library?
      Present the library book you wish to borrow and your Student/Staff Identification card at the library circulation desk
    13. Can I borrow a book if I have an overdue item/fine?
      No. Users must first return all overdue items and clear all outstanding fines before borrowing or renewing any library book.
    14. If I lose my student/staff ID, what should I do?
      Report to the relevant authority and apply for a new one.
      Please note that you cannot be issued with a library item/book without a valid student/staff card
    15.  What can I do with my library account?
      You can renew items, make new purchase suggestions, tag items, check your fines status and your borrowing history among others
    16.  Can I borrow a book from another campus library?
      Yes. You will need to produce your student/staff identification for the librarian to confirm you are a registered user and verify you are eligible to borrow.                                                       
    17. What other services/products can I expect from the library?
      The Library offers various products and  services including print books, E-resources (e-journals and e-books), newspapers, past exam papers, digital library, thesis and dissertations and projects, reference and information service; inter library loan service; circulation service; current awareness service; user education service; Information literacy; reservation service; reprographic services among other information related services
    18. How can I access e-resources when off-campus?
      Login to off-campus access platform using the link https://elibrarymmarau.remotexs.co/user/login and login credentials i.e. user name and password issued by the librarian.
    19. How do I know whether the book I am looking for is available in the library?
      You can search for any library book from our library database through OnlineCatalogue.mmarau.ac.ke Type  in the Keyword (title, Author or subject) of the book you’re looking for and check its location, call number, and availability status.
    20. How do I clear from the library?
      Present your clearance form and student/staff Identification card to the librarian for clearance.
    21. If I have cleared from the library, can I be allowed to use the library again?
      No. The library services are only available to bona fide Masai Mara University students, staff and teaching staff. But a cleared student can register as alumni to use the library upon payment of the requisite fee
    22.  Can I borrow books using another user’s ID?
      No. It is prohibited and the Identification cards are not transferable.
    23. Why is water and food not allowed in the library?
      Because they might spill on information materials and cause damage. Food particles might also attract insects and worms which can easily damage information materials.
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