Mr. Salaton Tome


Journals & Publications

  • Kathleen Krafte Holland , Lincoln R. Larson , Robert B. Powell , W. Hunter Holland , Lawrence Allen , Moriaso Nabaala, Salaton Tome , Simon Seno and James Nampushi. 2021. Impacts of tourism on support for conservation, local  livelihoods, and community resilience around Maasai Mara  National Reserve, Kenya Journal of Sustainable Tourism
  • Tome, Salaton and Ole Seno, Simon K., (2021(a). Our Goose; Their Egg: An assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of Cultural manyattas as an enabler of local livelihoods and wildlife conservation in the Amboseli region, Kenya Paper presented at the Joint XXIV International Grassland Congress XI International Rangeland Congress , Nairobi, Kenya , Nairobi Kenya
  • Tome, Salaton and Ole Seno, Simon K., 2021 (b). The basis and corollary of land ownership transformation within the range lands of South-eastern Kenya: the introduction of negotiated tenure Paper presented at the Joint XXIV International Grassland Congress XI International Rangeland Congress , Nairobi, Kenya , Nairobi Kenya
  • Allen, L., Holland, K.K., Holland, S. Simon, S. Tome, M Nabaala, J. Nampushi. 2018. Expanding Staff Voice in Protected Area Management Effectiveness Assessments within Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. Environmental Management 63, 46–59 (2019). 2.
  • Ole Seno, Simon K. and Tome, Salaton. 2015. Socio-economic and Ecological Viability of Pastoralism in Loitokitok District, Southern Kenya Nomadic Peoples, Volume 17, Number1,Summer 2013, pp.66-86(21)
  • Salaton Tome. 2015. A Contested Paradise: Contextualising the Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Managing Trans-Boundary Resources. The Maasai Mara Research and Development challenge for the next 20 years
  • Simon K. ole Seno and Tome, Salaton. 2014(a).The local communities’ perceptions on and expectations of Conservation initiatives in the Amboseli Ecosystem. ATLAS Africa Series Volume 8
  • Okello M.M., Kiringe J.W., and SalatonTome.2014(b). Water Quality and Quality Dimensions in Public Dimensions in Public and Environmental Health Among Maasai in of Amboseli Area, Kenya. Environment and Natural Resources Research. ISSN1927-0488
  • Kiringe John, Salaton Tome, Moses M. Okello and SimonSeno. 2009. The water situation analysis in Kimana area: quality, quantity and distribution dynamics. A report submitted to CDTF/CEF-EU
  •  Tome Salaton and John Kioko. 2009. Experiential Tourism Potential and Development within Maasai Mau Forest and Its Environs. A report submitted to Kenya Forest Working Group.
  • Kioko John, Simon Seno, Salaton Tome, Moses M. Okello and John Kiringe. 2008 An integrated approach to Managing elephants: Land-use Changes and local community’s awareness in the Amboseli region. Report to the US Fish and Wildlife Department.
  •  Tome, Salaton and Moses M.Okello. 2007. The Chyulu Hills: raison d’être and consequences of contested proprietorship of an idyllic resource oasis. Pages123–‐138 in B. Wishitemi, A. Spenceley, and H. Wells,eds. Culture and Community: Tourism studies in Eastern and Southern Africa. Rozenberg Publishers, Amsterdam. Book Chapter.
  • Tome, Salaton. 2007. Effects of demographic changes on natural resource utilization and availability within the Southern rangelands of Kenya. A paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology in Port Elizabeth South Africa (July2007)
  • Ole Nkako Francis and Tome Salaton. 2002. Tourism potential within the Greater Mara Serengeti Ecosystem. A report submitted to Nature Foundation.
  •  Tome, Salaton and Patricia Ngare. 2002. A synthesis of traditional natural resource conflict mitigation strategies among the Maasai of Kenya. A report submitted to PACT- USAID Kenya.
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