Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Public Relations

Course Structure

3.1.2 Course Distribution


Semester 1

  1. CMJ1102-Introduction to Communication
  2. CPR 1102-The contexts of human communication
  3. SAS 1101-Art of Writing
  4. CPR 1104-Public Speaking
  5. CPR 1101-Communication skills I
  6. CMJ 1106-English for Communication
  7. MAT1100-Quantitative Skills I
  8. ZOO 1101-HIV and AIDS
  9. COM 1100-Computer Applications & Computing

27 – Total credit Hour      

 Semester 2

  1. MAT 1200-Quantitative Skills II
  2. SAS 1202-Deviation and Rehabilitation
  3. CPR 1202-Introduction to Advertising
  4. CMJ 1203-News Writing and Reporting
  5. CMJ 1204-Introduction to Broadcast Media
  6. CPR 1208- Psychology of communication
  7. CPR 1206- Communication skills II
  8. CMJ 1205-Kiswahili for communication (NB: elective for non-Swahili speakers)  

24 Total credit hours                         

Course Structure


Semester 1
CPR 2101-Introduction to Public Relations

LIT 2102-Introduction to Literature

CMJ 2103-Introduction to broadcast production

CMJ 2104-Introduction to photography

REL 2100- Philosophy and Critical thinking

BLL 2105-Translation theory and practice

CMJ 2106-Media law and Ethics

IRD 200-State, society and development

27 – Total credit Hour      

Semester 2
CPR 2201-Marketing for Communication

CPR 2202-Interpersonal and intergroup communication

CPR 2203-Communication and persuasion

CMJ 2201-Gender and Communication

SAS 2204-Ethnicity, Peace Relations and Nation Building in Kenya

CPR 2204-Leadership and communication

CMJ 2203-Editing for Print Media

CMJ 2204-Theories of Mass Communication

CPR 2208-Organizational behavior

27 – Total credit Hour      

Course Structure


Semester 1

  1. CMJ 3105-Online and Multimedia Communication
  2. CPR 3102-Public Communication Campaigns
  3. CPR 3103-Project Management
  4. CPR 3105 -Copy Writing
  5. SAS 3105-Contemporary Gender Issues
  6. CMJ 3103-Communication Research Skills I
  7. CPR 3107-Behavior Change and Communication
  8. CPR 3108- Media Audiences and Effects
  9. CPR 3109 – Creative Writing

Total credit hours 24

Semester 2

  1. CPR 3201-Corporate Advertising: Design & Production
  2. CPR 3202-Organizational Communication
  3. CPR 3203- Ethics in Public Relations
  4. CPR 3204-Corporate Communication
  5. CPR 3205-International Communication
  6. SASS 3206- Communication and Culture
  7. CMJ 3204-Communication Research skills II
  8. BBM 3200-Entrepreneurship Skills
  9. CPR 3207- Web Design for Multimedia
  10.  CPR 3208-Community Media and Citizen Journalism

Total credit hours 27

CPR 3209-Industrial Attachment At Least 12 Weeks

Course Structure


Semester 1

  1. CPR  4101-Crisis Communication
  2. CPR 4102-Strategic Management
  3. CPR 4103-Writing for Public Relations and Mass Media
  4. CPR 4104-Proposal Writing and Fundraising
  5. CPR 4105-Public Opinion and Propaganda
  6. CPR 4106-Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
  7. CMJ 4104-Broadcast Commercials Production

Total credit hours 21

Semester 2

  1. CPR 4201-Organizational Behavior II
  2. CPR 4202-Public Relations Strategies and Techniques
  3. CPR 4203- Management of Events
  4. CPR 4204-Corporate Communication Campaigns and Evaluation
  5. CPR 4205-Research Project
  6. CPR 4206-Development Communication
  7. CMJ 4202-Broadcast Feature and Documentary Production

Total credit hours 24

Overall Number of Lecture Hours: 201 

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