Deputy Vice Chancellor (A,F & S)

Prof. James Nampushi

BTM (Moi), MSc, PhD (Clemson)


As the Division in charge of Administration, Finance, and Strategy, we re-affirm our commitment to sound financial and administrative policies, practices and strategies that will ensure the University achieves her mission and objectives. We will work closely with the governance and administrative structures of the University in setting and realigning our strategic direction. We expect to attract more financial support from the government.

 As a result, we anticipate the rapid expansion of infrastructural and human resources. To commensurate these possible gains, we will fast track the ISO 9001 process, seek greater improvements in meeting targets set in our performance contracts, and foster greater customer satisfaction. Guided by our core values of excellence, professionalism, teamwork, creativity and innovativeness, transparency and accountability, equity and social justice, we are convinced that indeed, Maasai Mara University will be a World Class University committed to academic excellence for development.


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