Mr. Anil Kumar
Center for ICT & E-Learning

Maasai Mara University has identified e-learning as one of the strategy to overcome or minimize constraints related to access, inclusion and quality in education and training. The e-academy is mandated to ensure education is accessible to more people (open to people), from any location (open to place) virtually in a cost effective, need based, and barrier free mode using electronic technologies (Open Distance and E-Learning). This approach combines synergies from Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and E-Learning raising the standards of teaching and learning and providing opportunities for lifelong learning. The Center is also supporting implementation of E-Learning through its e-academy. The e-academy is increase access to education and promoting inclusivity in education. E-learning has been given priority because of its affordances namely:  is providing opportunities to the advantaged, disadvantaged and disabled individuals in order to facilitate computer access. E-learning has taken a root within primary, secondary institutions; Furthermore, within the universities, colleges and other training institutions. Flexibility, accessibility and Convenience affording learners’ access to learning materials in their own time and study at their own pace and place. Cross platform – Learners can access the content through digital devises using different operation systems such as android, window-based, Mac-based or UNIX-based etc. Low delivery costs – It is relatively cheaper to deliver learning content locally and globally. Easy to update – It is possible to ensure learning content is most current through regular updating it once new and current information is available. Collaborative learning – E-learning promotes collaborative learner centered learning that is more interactive and engaging. Scalability-It is applicable learning content can be delivered to a small or large number of learners with little effort.


To be a world class Center for ICT and E-learning committed quality service delivery and flexibility, inclusivity and accessibility through Technology Enabled Education.


To provide quality ICT services and provide Open and Distance Education through innovative e-teaching and consultancy services for development

Main Objectives

To provide ICT support services and increases access to quality flexible education through the use of ICT technologies in teaching and learning.


Services for Staff/Students

  • Audio/Video content development in e-learning studio.
  • E-learning platform development/maintenance
  • Content Development training.
  • E-Learning support for staff and students

ICT Team E-Learning

David Nandi-, Patrick Sintei-