Scholars Urged to unite and publish materials that promote learning and enhance a good reading culture

The Maasai Mara University Acting Vice-Chacellor Professor Kitche Magak has called on University Scholars to unite and partner in publishing ventures, especially in churning out publications that promote improvement of literacy levels in Africa. 

Speaking in a ceremony where he donated 15 copies of a book he published, he challenged Academicians to create publishing groups, a means that will enable them publish a lot of research materials with ease. The book 'Millennial Voices: East African Poetry' is a collection of African poems written by various scholars from across the African continent. 

"Publishing is not a solitary assignment. If you really want to publish and enjoy scholarship you need to do in partnership with others. People who like just to publish on their own do not go very far. So publication is really hard if you are going it alone. But if you going it as a dedicated group, you will get more publications than you need," Prof. Magak said.
He reminded Academic Scholars that there's no shortcut to career progression in the academic arena but to proactively, prioritize venturing into publishing.

"This adage in scholarship that, “publish or perish” is for real! There are people who have been in the University system for a long time and are very brilliant Scholars but because they don't publish they don't move any step," he emphasized. 

Creativity and innovation in academia is what Prof. Magak campaigned for, so that libraries and schools can have enough information resources that promote learning and a thirst for reading hence improving quality of education.