Administrative Assistant

Conferences attended

26th–29th August 2019: 4th Federation of African Nutrition societies (FANUS) Conference on nutrition in Africa at cross-roads, Kigali Rwanda. 

21st–25th May 2018: The 1st Nutrition and dietetics conference held at Pwani University, Kilifi County, Kenya.

October 2017: 3rd Annual Maasai Mara University conference held at Maasai Mara University.

25th–29th May 3rd Federation of African Nutrition societies conference on nutrition in Africa at crossroads, Arusha, Tanzania.

14th–17th July 2015:  5th Annual international conference, Kabarak University, Kenya

Training/workshops/ symposium attended

12th June –14th July 2019: Attended anthropometric measurements refresher course, in Narok County Referral Hospital.

5th–6th June 2017:  Free medical camp at Maasai Mara University, Narok County.

18th July–12th August 2016: Senior management course number 260/2016 held at the Kenya School of Government.

29th May 2015: Scientific paper writing for publication workshop.

10th July 2014: Workshop on climate change, disaster risk reduction and social protection for sustainable development held at Maasai Mara university coordinated by OSSREA and Maasai Mara University.

6th–20th June 2013: Organizational leadership for building Kenya’s future, coordinated by Clemson University and Maasai Mara University.

11th–14 May 2003: Training of Trainers on guidance and counseling, University of Eastern Africa, Baraton.


Stellah M, Koini et al., (2019) Social-Cultural Factors and Complementary Feeding of Children 6-23 Months Among the Maasai in Narok South Kenya. Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing. ISSN 2422- 8419 DOI: 10.7176/JHMN

Stellah M, Koini et al. (2018) Association of complementary feeding practices and nutritional status of children 6–23 months of age among Maasai community in Narok South sub-county, Kenya, International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies, 5: Issues 3, ISSN 2394-4404

Stellah M, Koini (2018) The role of nutrition education in improving maternal-child health in Narok County, Kenya. ISSN 2415-5195

Stellah M, Koini (2017) Evaluation of Millennium Development Goals in the reduction of maternal and child mortality in Narok County, Journal of Education and Practices, 8: issue 9.


KNDI – Kenya Nutritionists and Dietitians Institute

CENER – Centre for Nutrition Education and Research, Kenya
ANS – Africa Nutrition Society