Academic Programmes

Doctorate Programmes

Ph.D in Education Administration & Management.

Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies.

Ph.D. in Education Psychology.

Ph.D. in Education Guidance & Counseling.

Postgraduate Programmes

M.Ed in Quality Assurance & Standards.

M.Ed in Adult and Community Education.

M.Ed in Primary Education.

M.Ed in Philosophy of Education.

M.Ed in Special Needs Education.

M.Ed in Early Childhood Development Education.

M.Ed in Guidance and Counseling.

M.Ed in Education Administration.

M.Ed in Sociology of Education.

M.Ed in Comparative.

Undergraduate Programmes

B.Ed Arts/Sciences.

B.Ed Primary Option.

B.Ed Adult& Community Education.

B.Ed Arts(With Guidance & Counseling)

B.Ed Early Childhood Development.

B.Ed Special Needs Education.