Dr. Stella Kirui. Chelagat

Senior Lecturer in Zoology, Department of Biological Sciences,

Mobile: +254 0722 292 777. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



·      Research on the impacts of wheat rust in Kenya

·      Research Bio-pesticides and their application

·      Research in medicinal plants, in use to mitigate health issues.        


  • Socio-economic impact of wheat rust in Kenya.
  • Production of bio-diesel from algae.
  • Crop protection- Field and storage pests

University responsibilities and membership to committees

2012-2013: Warden in Serengeti Hostel

2011- 2013: Head of Department - Biological Sciences, School of Science.     

2011- 2013: Committee Member - staff disciplinary committee.

2012: Preparing instruments required during the presentation of the charter

2010- 2012: Co-ordinator, School of Science.

2010- 2013: Chairperson- Inspection and acceptance committee.   

2009- 2013: Member- Aids, and Control Unit Sub-committee (ACU).

2010- 2013: Chairperson -Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee.

2010: Strategic plan and service charter for the university   

2008 -2009: Performance contract committee.

2006- 2009: Head of department, Guiding, and Counselling.

2006- 2009: Planning Committee.

2004 - 2008: Industrial liaison office.

2000 - 2009: Member of the technical committee, Town Campus.


2012 to date:   Board member (BOG) -  Siaya Technical Institute College

2011 to date:   Board member (BOG) -  Tambach Teachers Training College

2011 to date:   Board Member (BOG) - Tambach High School.

2009 to date:   Executive Member - Athletics Kenya Keiyo District.

2006to date:    Church minister in Peniel Centre - Jesus the light of the world.

2005 to date:    Member of the advisory board - Simbolei Junior Academy.

2009 to date:    Director - Bomet Teachers Training College.

2008 to date:    Education outreach in schools and community open fora.


2011-date:   Biochemical society- UK

2010-date:   The Organisation for Social Science Research in East and Southern Africa- Kenya chapter

2017-date: Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World-Kenya (OWSD - Kenya)


i)  National

        2016: Environmental impact assessment/ Environmental Audit(AIE/EA) organized by the School of Environmental Studies University of Eldoret.  Held 15th August to 2nd September 2016

        2012:  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention for Public Sector Institutions  held at Milele Guest House, Nakuru from 29th October to 2nd November 2012   

        2012: Hands-on training course on “Standardization of stem rust note taking and evaluation of germplasm with emphasis on emerging threats of yellow rust and leaf rust” from September 25thto October 5th2012

        2012: Internal Quality/Auditing based on ISO 9001:2008 Standard for Narok University Colle held at Africa Hope- Narok on 20thto228thof June 2012

        2012: Implementation of Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008 Standard for Narok University College held at Africa Hope- Narok on 7thto 8thof June 2012

        2011: Forum for LIWA –ICT sector board on the theme “ ICT Capacity Development towards Knowledge-Based Economy” which took place between 24th&25thNovember 2011 at Grand Regency

        2010:   Education for Sustainable Development Regional Centre Expertise-Narok by NEMA and Narok university held on 22nd-24thSeptember 2010

        2009:  Performance management conducted by the Public sector reforms & performance contracting held at the Kenya Utalii College  on 21st-23rdMay 200

        2007: Guidance and Counselling in Colleges held on 6th- 8th August 2007 at Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling.

        2003:  Ministry of Education. Science and Technology Agriculture seminar for teachers from Keiyo and Marakwet Districts held on 19thto 20th June 2003

        2001: Leadership skills and project management organized by the Lake Victoria Environment Management Project (LEVM) in collaboration with the rural initiative for sustainable Development(RISDEV) from 27thto 31st August 2001 at Ukweli Centre Eldoret

ii) International

    June - August 2014: Environmental Management course held Galilee International Management Institute ( State of Israel)

    October 2010: International Seminar on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) held at Ofri International Training Centre in Jerusalem (State of Israel).


    2016: Attended as a Key Note Speaker in the 1stEldoret International Conference: “Business Scenario and jobless growth in emerging economies; Concerns & Solutions”  Organised by Oasis International Consulting Ltd. in collaboration with Aphax College on 26th-27thJuly 2016

    2011: First Annual International Conference on the theme “Advances in Technology and Socio-Economic Development (ATSED 2011)” Organized and Held at The Eldoret Polytechnic. Sponsored by National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) and National Bank of Kenya Ltd (NBK) (Role: Session Chair, Sciences) on May 12th to 13th 2011


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