Mr. Meshak Langat Kipkoskei

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  • B.Sc. Wildlife management, Moi University: 2007-2011
  • M.Sc. Environmental Planning and Management, Kenyatta University: 2013- 2015
  • Ph.D. student of Environmental Planning and Management at Kenyatta University: 2016-2019

       Area of interest

  • I am interested in Urban Planning; ensuring that our urban areas are planned in a way to conform to the principles of new urbanism. Regional and rural planning; this is a critical area in ensuring that the people get empowered economically through sound and innovative projects- value addition processes to local resources, improved social welfare, 
  • environmental conservation, cultural promotion and preservation and mobilization of political goodwill especially at the county levels for streamlined policy-making and application. Another area is wildlife conservation and maintenance of protected areas/natural resources utilization through the engagement of all the stakeholders in the sector; involvement of the local people is central in all the activities/ projects towards alleviation of poverty and promotion of innovative activities among the youths.