Maasai Mara University Library


To be a leading library providing a world-class information service.


To provide an efficient and effective ICT, customer-driven library service in support of teaching, research and consultancy for development.


Main objective

To provide MMARAU Library users information services that support teaching, research and consultancy for the development.

Specific Objectives                                                                                       

(i)        To ensure fair and equitable access and use of library services by all library users;

(ii)       To ensure that the library staff maintain a high standard of professionalism in the provision of library and information services;

(iii)      To equip library users with information literacy skills;

(iv)      To develop and secure high-quality, relevant, and balanced collections, that support and strengthen teaching, research and consultancy.

(v)       Expand access to works by staff in order to demonstrate the scientific, societal, and economic relevance of the University’s research activities by developing a digital repository.


Quality Information Service is our goal.

Using the library

Digital library

Digital libraries provide students with unlimited resources of knowledge extending and enhancing the physical library of the University. The digital libraries provide a significant proportion of information resources available in electronic format, accessible by means of computers. The digital content may be locally held or accessed remotely via computer networks.

Library Opening Hours

During semester
8.00am -10.00pm       (Weekdays)
9.00am – 6.00pm        (Saturdays)

1.00pm – 6.00pm        (Sunday)

During Vacation
8.00am –5.00pm (weekdays)
Closed: Public holidays