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    Botanical Garden
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  • Graduation 2020
    Graduation 2020
    Graduation Ceremony
  • Graduation Ceremony
    Graduation Ceremony
    Students during the Graduation Ceremony.
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    Learning resources and research environment.
  • Graduation 2020
    Graduation 2020
    Graduation Ceremony
  • Graduation 2020
    Graduation 2020
    Graduation Ceremony
  • D.V.C (A, & SA) Prof. Bulitia Godrick Mathews
    D.V.C (A, & SA) Prof. Bulitia Godrick Mathews
    D.V.C (A, & SA) with Dean of Students and students leaders
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    Quality Education
    Students during examination
  • Graduation 2020
    Graduation 2020
    Graduation Ceremony
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    International Conference 2019
    ANSO-MMU-SAJOREC International Conference 2019
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    Signing MOU
    Signing MOU between Fujian Academy of Agriculture and Maasai Mara University



School of Education

Dr. Beatrice Manyasi

Dean - School of Education

The School of Education is one of the largest Schools in Maasai Mara University College. Its main objective is to produce graduands who provide essential services to the nation and the world anchored in the Education Pillar of Vision 2030. It is our envisioned plan to achieve all the stipulated goals. The School seeks to produce innovative, creative and skilled graduands in education and other market-oriented programmes which range from Diploma to Ph.D. The School of Education offers Regular, School-Based and Weekend Programmes at Main Campus. The School has two Departments that offer Post-graduate, Graduate, Under-graduate and Diploma programmes. The Ph.D. programmes offered include Curriculum Studies, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology and Curriculum and Instruction subject areas.

Beside quality teaching, members of faculty significantly address the societal problem through research in the following areas: gender and education, curriculum implementation, teacher cognition, education administration, etc.  


School of Business and Economics

Dr. George Rukaria

Dean of School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics was initially established as the School of Human Resource Development, Business, and Economics in May 2007, but adopted the current name in September 2011 following a reorganization of Schools intended to improve efficiency and The School offers 1 Ph.D., 2 Masters, 5 Undergraduate, 3 Diploma and 2 Certificate Programmes in two Departments – Business Management and Economics – in the areas of Business Management, Human Resource Management, Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Hotel and Hospitality Management. The School also offers short tailor-made training courses and consultancy services on request. The Department of Business Management offers Ph.D. in Business Management; Master Philosophy in Human Resource Development; Master of Business Management (MBM); Bachelor of Business Management (BBM); Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management; and Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management; Diploma in Business Management; Diploma in Human Resource Management; Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management; Certificate in Business Management; Certificate in Human Resource Management and Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Management Programmes. The Department of Economics offers a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics & Resource Management Programmes. The School is in the process of developing innovative market-driven Certificate, Diploma Undergraduate programmes in Business Management & Information Technology and Entrepreneurship & Project Management. All the programmes are geared to strengthen the business leadership capacity of the students. They are offered at the Main Campus, Satellite Campuses and various collaborating institutions, except the Ph.D. Programme which is currently offered only at the Main Campus. The learning environment is a blend of excellence in teaching, learning, and research

School of Natural Resources, Tourism and Hospitality

Dr. Erick V.O. Fwaya

Dean of School

Welcome to the School of Natural Resources, Tourism and Hospitality. The School is the standard bearer of the University niche, defined as environmental resource management and conservation. Accordingly, the School’s mission is to contribute to holistic stakeholder driven environmental conservation for sustainable livelihoods and realization of key national, regional and global development goals including The Big Four Agenda, Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through teaching, research and outreach activities.  

The School is made up of five departments: Department of Environmental Studies, Geography and Agriculture, Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Studies, Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Department of Animal Health and Production, and Department of Botanical Garden and Coordination of the University Niche Areas. The School offers several undergraduate programmes including Bachelor of Science in Forestry Ecosystems Management, Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management, Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Bachelor of Environmental Management, Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production, Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Biology and Healthy), Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, Bachelor of Hotels and Hospitality Management, and Bachelor of Tourism Management. Additionally, the School has developed curricula to cater for the need of postgraduate training and research. Currently we have three PhD and Masters programmes in Environment studies, Land Resource Management, Environment Planning and Management and Geography.

The faculty interests reflect the diversity of disciplines domiciled in the School and range from urban and regional planning, wildlife biology and management, forest resources management, environmental management and planning, GIS and remote sensing, livestock health and production, one health concept and zoonotic diseases, tourism, hospitality, water, sanitation and health among others. The school has played a key role in ensuring that Maasai Mara University is a recognized Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) in Environmental Education. The school has signed Memorandum of Understanding with a number of strategic research collaborators and partners including Clemson University, Northern Arizona University of Forestry, The University of Maryland in Wildlife and Environmental Education, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Aarhus University, Michigan State University among others. Apart from International Organizations, the School has active partnerships and collaborations with local institution including, National Environment Management Authority, Narok  County South Development Authority, Narok  County Government, Kenya Wildlife service and Kenya Forestry Services. These Collaborations provide opportunities for staff and student exchanges to enhance their skills.

We welcome all new and prospective students to the School of Natural Resources, Tourism and Hospitality.

Contact the Dean of the school at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 














School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences & Creative Industries

Dr. Benard Kodak

Dean - School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences & Creative Industries

The School of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences & Creative Industries was started in September 2011, and it is one of the most versatile schools in Maasai Mara University. The School has three departments: the Department of Languages Linguistics & Culture (LLC)Department of Media, Film & Communication (MFC) and the Department of Social Studies. Currently, the School offers Undergraduate Programmes in the following disciplines:

Bachelor of Arts in Language and Communication, Literature, Theatre and Film, Kiswahili and Journalism, Communication and Journalism, Communication and Public Relations, Social Work, Community Development, Political Science and Public Administration, Criminology and Penology, Cultural Studies and Sociology. The School also offers Masters Programmes in Linguistics, Kiswahili, Religious Studies, History, Public Policy, and Analysis and Sociology. The school offers Ph.D. programmes in related fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition, we offer a number of Diploma and Certificate Programmes in various disciplines such as Criminology, Social Work, and Public Administration. The School launched new programmes in County Governance, Land Use Assessment and Mapping, and Penology. The purpose of these programmes is to impart knowledge and practical skills to our students for sustainable development. 



The school was started in 2009 with five members and currently, the school has five departments namely: Dept. of Computer & Information Sciences(CIS), Dept. of Mathematics & Physical Sciences (PSM), Dept. of Biological Sciences(BS), Dept. of Information & Communication Technology(ICT)

The school of science has more than thirty-two (32) teaching staff and a student population of over six hundred students (600). The school members of staff are involved in teaching and research in various areas. The school has recently acquired three states of the art pieces of equipment for teaching and research and these include AAS, FTIR-affinity-1s, and GC-FID. The school has several collaborations with industry and other leading universities. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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