Welcome to Maasai Mara University School of Tourism & Natural Resource Management.

Welcome to Maasai Mara University School of Tourism & Natural Resource Management.

Dr. A. Afullo, PhD. CV

Dean School of Tourism & Natural Resource Management

The School of Tourism and Natural Resources Management (ST&NRM) is currently running three Masters Programmes (Environmental Studies, Wildlife and Tourism Management) and four Bachelor of Science programs (Wildlife, Tourism, Environmental Studies and Forestry). The school also offers Diploma and Certificate in Wildlife and Tourism Management. Programs of study focus on preparing students for careers in management and research with environmental science and natural resource agencies, tourism operations and organizations that require fundamental knowledge about the science, planning and sustainable management of natural systems. To meet this goal, the school is in the process of preparing new programs in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM), Restoration Ecology (RE), Environmental Conflict Management (ECM) and Range Management (RM). Community outreach is one of our primary commitments and our focus is to engage local communities so that they can benefit from conservation, economic development and education. To accomplish this, the ST&NRM in collaboration with other Schools in the University have established a Resource/Outreach Centre through which we are working closely with local groups to establish community businesses, provide training and marketing assistance, and develop compatible economic activities which will enhance the community’s livelihood whilst at the same time maintain the integrity of the environment. Maasai Mara University and particularly the ST&NRM recognize the need to develop partnerships with Private, International and local Institutions so as to strengthen the University College’s academic, research, community services and application of knowledge to societal needs and issues. To this end, the ST&NRM has developed collaboration with Clemson University in the areas of Park, Recreation and Tourism Management and is working on developing collaboration with Northern Arizona University in Forestry and University of Maryland in wildlife and Environmental Education. These collaborations provide opportunities for staff exchange and for our students to travel abroad for Graduate Studies.




Dept. of Environmental Studies, Forestry & Agriculture

Chairman - Dr. Samson Mabwoga CV

Dr. Dickson Makarigi - Forestry CV

Dr. Vincent Otieno Owande - Earth System Sciences

Mr. Volga Habwe - Forestry

Jedidah Simantoi - Environment CV

Dr. Waweru Kamundia - Vet Med, Fisheries CV

Charity Konana - Env. Studies, Human Ecol

Dean - Dr. Augustine Afullo - Env. Health CV

Prof. Aggrey Daniel Maina Thuo- Ph.D, MKIPcv

Faith Resiato Oloitiptipcv

January 2015 intake

Registration for January 2015 intake is in progress for privately sponsored students

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Dept. of Wildlife, Tourism

Mr. Salaton Tome - Chair

Mr. Justine Muchiri - Tourism

Mr. Horriaso Nabaala - Tourism

Ms. Angela Seurey - Tourism CV

Workshop on Climate Change

Maasai Mara University in collaboration with the organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) held a workshop on Climate change, Disaster risk reduction and Social protection. This took place between 6th and 11th July 2014 at the Maasai Mara University. Its expected that a graduate program will come out of it and also make make Maasai Mara University the centre of Climate change, Disaster and Social protection in the region.

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Courses Offered in the School of Tourism & Natural Resource Management.


PhD. in Environmental Studies


M.Sc. in Wildlife Management

M.Sc. in Environmental Studies

M.Sc. in Tourism Management


BSc. in Wildlife Management

BSc. in Environmental Studies

BSc. in Tourism Management

BSc. Forestry


Diploma in Tourism & Wildlife Management


Diploma in Tourism & Wildlife Management