Collaborations & Linkages - University of Munster, Germany

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University of Munster, Germany

Date of Signing of Mou-Still in process   
Areas of Collaborations. 

The parties agree to collaborate in the following area of mutual interest:

Explore possibilities for joint research programmes.

Exchanges for students.

A team of Maasai Mara University drawn from the School of Business and Economics and the Directorate of Linkages and Collaborations with partners from the University of Munster in Germany, led by Prof. Joerg Baetge. Gracing the meeting was the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academics and Student Affairs Prof. Obere. The meeting is part of implementation of an MoU signed between the School of Business and Economics of MMARAU and School of Business of University of Munster.

Prof. Joerg offered to train the School of Business and Economics on a management model (OPEX). The School of Business however embraced this model.

MMARAU appreciates the good gesture from Prof. Joerg to donate the model to the School of Business. This is a great tool for effective teaching of Business Students.