S. K. Partoip 

The Administration Division is charged with the responsibility of provision and maintenance of facilities and resources to support the furtherance of the Vision, Mission and core values of the University. The functions and services in the Administration Division include - Human Resource Management, Central, Health, Transport, farm, Development/Estates, Catering and Accommodation, Security and Procurement Services. The operation of the Division is governed by the University Statutes, Terms of service and Labour laws. It is further guided by a strategic plan implemented through an annual performance contract. The current workforce stands at 547, comprising of teaching and nonteaching staff. The Division strives to attract the best-qualified staff to spearhead the provision of quality services to the customers of the University. The Administration Division is keen to continuously improve on its service delivery to its customers, and will always act on feedback from clients to enhance its customers’ satisfaction. The Division with the University Management support has successfully completed the negotiation for the 2010/2012 CBA with the staff unions. The Division is determined to motivate staff to give their best in order to realize the objectives of the University. The University is further developing a comprehensive scheme of service for its staff with a clear career path for various cadres of workers.

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